Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Frog Becomes Deaf

I have been reading a few of DC's old "Elseworlds" tales lately (to help me understand the new DC Heroclix set "Elseworlds").  Although they are certainly often imaginative, they often miss the mark.  Great concepts, executed...non-greatly. 

One such is The Blue, The Grey, and The Bat (1992), which I probably wouldn't have bought if I had noticed it was written by Elliot Maggin.  Elliot "S!" Maggin has much to answer for, writing-wise, such as crap like Magic Monday, Starwinds Howl, "The Headband Warriors of Krypton", and titling both "Costume, Costume, Who's Got the Costume?" and "Villain, Villain, Who's Got the Costume?".  Shudder.

On Earth-Prime, we have a name for that "invisible aura of radiation around Elliot Maggin" and his writing, but I'm too polite to specify it.

Still, I was determined to plow through The Blue, The Grey, and the Bat, a very complicated story of undercover agent Colonel Bruce Wayne on assignment from President Lincoln in the Old West.  

And then I reached this panel:

Which stopped me DEAD in my tracks.  

Why? Because I recognized the joke that Colonel Wayne is telling the punchline from.

Where did I recognize it from?  From the time the Joker told it in the only Elliot Maggin story I've ever enjoyed:  "Luthor, You're Driving Me Sane" (The Joker, 1977).

Now you know what the Joker looks like in an afro-wig; you're welcome.

Well played, Mr. Maggin.  An impressive (and gloriously gratuitous) call-back, some fifteen years later.

Unless, of course, it's just the only joke Elliot Maggin knows.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Heroclix Custom of the Week: The Arrowcar

Wizkids Games has done an astonishingly good job over the years of producing Heroclix figures of DCU characters (and some other stuff, I guess) for their signature tabletop game.

But occasionally I like to add to their existing options by creating custom Heroclix figures of characters Wizkids has NOT created (yet).  Usually these customs are based on existing dials of other characters; that way, I can repurpose figures I would never use with ones that evoke delight.

This week's offering is the ever-ridiculous Arrowcar!

Just as in the Golden Age Green Arrow stories, this Arrowcar can take a beating, run roughshod over hindering terrain, convert into a submersible for underwater adventure, and give Green Arrow a boost on long-ranged attacks.  But most important (because it is based on one of Yugio's many absurd characters 'the Catapult Turtle'), it has the ability TO HURL OLLIE UP TO THE ROOFTOPS, where he can shoot off an arrow as he lands.

Assuming he doesn't smash face first into the side of building, of course.