Monday, October 17, 2005

COIE: The Death Game!

Life's a game, it has been said; so, why not death?

Again, without looking it up, how many of the named characters who were killed (regardless of whether they stayed dead) in Crisis on Infinited Earths can you remember?

Here, I'll even give you a helpful start....

Flash (Barry Allen)....

No looking it up? Sheesh. Fine.

How about:

Dove (Don Hall)

Ten-Eyed Man (although he wasn't named so I guess he doesn't qualify - I just like to mention the Ten-Eyed Man whenever I can)


Ummmmm...that's all I can recall. I won't count the Crime Syndicate because even though they came back as "new" characters, it was the same old crew. Unlike the subsequent Doves who were new characters.
Not checking, so maybe some of these just were gravely or otherwise injured before bouncing back:

Earth-Two Green Arrow, Huntress, and Robin.


Alexei Luthor (wasn't that Earth-2 Luthor's first name?).

Prince Ra-Man.

Immortal Man.

Mirror Master 1 and Icicle 1.
Angle Man
Bug-Eyed Bandit
Earth-1 Wonder Woman (if being turned to clay counts as dying)
Earth-2 Luthor
The Monitor
The Anti-Monitor
Kid Psycho
Impressive! So far you've gotten all of the smoking corpses except for, I'd say, five (plus one set of four characters)...
The Losers
Oh. And Tula (Aquagirl)
I don't care if he got better later, Psimon getting his brain blown up counts. Also Chemo and the Earth-2 Hawkman.
The Anti-Monitor - he counts, right?
The Earth-2 Luthor, who still had his red hair.
The alien Starman, right?
Kole, Clayface II and Maaldor are three I don't think anyone has mentioned yet.
Angle Man
Oh, and Nighthawk! I forgot Nighthawk!
Earth-3 Lois Lane. You all got E-3 Luthor but not Lois.

BTW, If I was facing the greatest threat the universe has ever known, and I needed a team of the universe's baddest villains to get the job done, Macgyver style- MAALDOR is the first name I think of.

Luthor? Brainiac? Sinestro? Reverse Flash? Solomon Grundy? Mordru? Pshaw. Pikers.

Maaldor is clearly the best choice.

This is why I LOVE Crisis. Screw you all, it's the best comic ever.

SUPERMAN OF EARTH ONE: We need a team to go back in time to Oa and kill everyone.
PARIAH: The Oans are the universe's most powerful beings and work with forces we cannot begin to understand.
SUPERMAN: Gotcha. Send Maaldor and the Icicle. All the heavy hitters will head straight for the dawn of time where there's nothing to hit yet.
The Crime Syndicate
Do people who died in either of the two Crisis Side Stories (The Roy-Thomasverse collapse in All-Star Squadron and Infinity Inc, and the Green Lantern Goings-On) count? And did anyone here read those at the time and know who died in them?
What about the Crime Syndicate? Power Ring, Ultraman, Superwoman, and Owlman all bit the big one.
Dont forget Earth-2 Robin and Huntress!
I think maybe Peacemaker?
Lady Quark's family -- King Volt and... Princess Fern (?) both were named, and offed, by the anti-matter universe.

I know she's already been mentioned, but Tula died. People always forget Tula. Supergirl, the Flash -- why does no one mourn Tula? So I'll say it again -- Tula.
I myself died during the Crisis but was later retconned back into existence.

Lemme tellya, I was glad to come back, but the tax implications...oy. Try and explain it to your attorney, I dare you.
Flower from Sgt. Rock's Easy Company and someone named Lori who Mera was very upset about seeing die.

Jeez I just read the thing so I should be able to remember a few more. I think most have been covered here though.
Lori Lemaris.

She was a college G/F of the Earth-1 Superman AND a mermaid...
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