Thursday, October 27, 2005

Best Lois Panel Ever


Anonymous said...

That's one of the finest things I've ever seen. A+

Brian W said...

She's totally being interviewed by James Lipton!

Next question has GOT to be "What's your favorite curse word?"

Jhunt said...

"S**t-eating Man of F**king Steel."

Bully said...

I haven't read this story, but how much you wanna bet that psychiatrist is either a villain in disguise, or, much more likely, Clark in disguise, playing his usual mind-tricks on poor Lois?

Scipio said...


Well-meaning, regular, psychiatrist.

Tells her to force herself to fall in love with Clark Kent instead, then asks for $10.

No... really.

Dude's Dr. Phil's dad or something.

naladahc said...


And I still think Lois looks better when she's drawn like that than she has in the past 30 years.

Bully said...

I stand corrected. (Clark just did some awful, awful tormenty things to Lois, so I bet he just didn't THINK of this one.)

If that was Doctor Phil's dad, though, he'd try to solve her problems with free prizes given by his sponsors.

joncormier said...

I miss the Lois Lane that looked like a bored housewife on valium even when she was breaking down the gender barrier as a working reporter.

Scipio said...

Because, you know, it was THAT easy for her. "*yawn* I need a REAL challenge-- something like bag the universe's most elibigle bachelor...."

Benari said...

Man or Superman
Man of Steel wins every time
why bother with less?

no glass ceiling here
this dame knows what she wants, she's:
the goddamn Lois.

Scipio said...

the goddamn Lois."


MarkAndrew said...

I dunno. Looks like to me like the psychiatrist dude is fishing for specific answers to get his hands on Lois'....

Sweet, sweet ten bucks. Heck if you word associate "Hero" at ME, I'd probably say "Superman."

Now if the Scene Went Like This:




"Man of Tomorrow"

"That GINORMOUS Yellow Index Card in my little index card box there"



"Streaky the Supercat"

Then we'd know FOR SURE that Lois has a problem....

Scipio said...

What IS it with that index card?

Secret psychological weapon in case Hal Jordan shows up?

Symbolic representation of his own growing excitement at Lois's sexual fixations?

Is he supposedly reading from it?

Sleestak said...

Even better than African American Lois

Adrian said...

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