Monday, October 17, 2005


This just in from the world of Heroclix!

The following figures are confirmed as being in the forthcoming "Collateral Damage" set of DC Heroclix.

Doctor Mid-Nite [much anticipated!]
Clayface (in the animated style) [as he's now being portrayed in the normal DCU]
Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) [with hair-gelling action!]
Mary Marvel [Shazam!]
Kalibak [Zzzzzzzz...]
Superman (but which is unknown) [not a silly Elseworlds again, I hope]
Azrael [*sigh*]
Ambush Bug [FREAKING INSANE! Good for you, DC! Are Sugar & Spike pogs inevitable now?]
OMAC (generic) [the one generic people will be THRILLED to pull!]
Captain Cold (Calculator Team) [no "Rogues Ability" I guess!"
Dr. Light (the JLA villain) [COOL!]
Captain Boomerang (Owen) (Unique) [The Rogues expand!]
Ragman [Wild! The 'new Swamp Thing', I suppose.]
Black Mask [Someone for Director Bones to go shopping with]

Zowie! I like the looks of it so far. While I'm no fan of Ambush Bug -- never have been, never will be -- his inclusion in the set sends a strong signal of the "new DC" attitude: we don't WHAT it is, if it's in the DCU, we will give it love... and maybe you will, too!


Harvey Jerkwater said...

The Bug's miniseries represented a highlight of DC's publishing history, dammit!

And no character has ever had such a rogues' gallery:

Quantas, the Koala That Walks Like a Man!

Argh!yle, the sentient sock!

Cheeks the Toy Wonder and his many deaths!

Jonni DC, the Continuity Cop!

Ye gods, I loved those books.

Whither Irwin Schwab?



Jhunt said...

I don't think I'm able to convey to you how surprised I am that you're not an Ambush Bug fan, Scipio. I feel hurt, confused, and not just a little frightened.

..I mean, it's Ambush Bug! Come on, people!

Jeff R. said...

He fears competition. Ambush bug was dissin' on the more embarassing parts of the DC Universe before the blogosphere willed itself into being...

Actually, come to think of it, Irwin was filled with massive self-hate. How can we be sure Scipio isn't actually Ambush Bug in disguise? Has anyone seen them both in the same room together?

Amy said...

I demand proof of an Ambush Bug clix. I need to see it with my own eyes before --

I don't dare let my hopes get up that high. Ambush Bug? Don't toy with my HEART, man!

The Doc said...

You don't like Ambush Bug? Come on, man; what did the Bug ever do to you? Don't be a hater, Scipio.

Scipio said...

" He fears competition. "


Scipio said...

Amy, Ambush Bug is on the Boneyard Confirmed Figures list on the HCRealms Boards.

Captain Infinity said...

Irwin Shcwab always has been and always will be my hero.

Incidentally I picked up a copy of DC Comic Presents #52 out of the bargain bin and was shocked, nay appalled, to see Ambush Bug in one of his early portrayals as a villain. He actually murdered a guy! It left me quite shaken.

Anonymous said...

Is that JLAdventures cover for real? If so, I must have it.

Scipio said...

No, it isn't real.

Alexi Sivana said...