Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Dark Mite Returns

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Just POPping in from the 5th Dimension! Golly, wasn't I just here in last month's issue of Batman? I have trouble with your concept of "time" here in 3D-land...

Anyhoo, the other Imps and me (my old pal Mxyptlk and the oddly moodly Qwsp) just want to cast our lot in with the Thanagarians.

Well, duh! First, Batman supports Hawkman, just like he did at the Justice League membership drive, so that's my vote. The Rannians tried to chop off Superman's head once, which would have spoiled Mx's fun, so that's his vote. And Qwsp sides with Aquaman who's always been a buddy of Hawkman's.

And, oh yeah, the Thunderbolt, too (magical thunderbolts are the 5th dimensional equivalent of dogs), because he's friends with Hawkman in the JSA and because Thanagar's just "so cool!"


Anonymous said...

Ha! I knew it! Qwsp has to be the same person as Quisp, clearly proving my theory correct. Clearly Bat-Mite is an impostor, and Mxyptlk must have turned evil a la "Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow." QED (which stands for Quisp=Evil Demon.) Support Rann! Don't trust these imps or your planet will be dominated by the Composite Superman/5th dimensional imp/cereal mascot conspiracy who are using the Thanagarians as pawns!

Martin Wisse said...

But I thought you were on Thanagar's side?

Certainyl Rann can't thank you enough for allying Thanagar with those pesky imps: don't you know what'll happen?