Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Bouncing Boy Commands Your Allegiance

Originally uploaded by Scipio1.
Attention, Earth-fools! I am King Chuck Taine, ruler of the Silver Age 30th Century. You (assuming I let you live) may call me "Bouncing Boy" (but in hushed and reverent tones only).

With the power of super-bouncing under my belt, I have enslaved the colleagues in the Legion of SuperHeroes and, together with them, the universe. Then I married triplets.

You doubt my power? How did the Composite Superman defeat the unbeatable Batman? With MY SUPER-BOUNCING POWER!

Vote for me in the Comeback Poll...or you may be NEXT!


Martin Wisse said...

Man, the Legion really was a club for superjerks, wasn't it?

Anonymous said...

Although I fully support my fellow Legionnaire Bouncing Boy in the poll, I must remind you that the powerful man who is--as Superboy rightfully acknowledges--the Mightiest of them all is not Chuck Taine, but me, Reep Daggle disguised as my less than dangerous comerade.

Bow before me! And vote for Bouncing Boy!

--Chameleon Lad, and don't you forget it!

Anonymous said...

I'm willing to bet, based on his restoration of the "Lass/Lad"-type names, that Mark Waid will bring back Bouncing Boy, powers and all.