Thursday, June 02, 2005

Best Quotes from this Week's Comics

Villains United
"You may call me by what the papers call me...the 'Crime Doctor'."
For me, the Crime Doctor totally has the Gorilla-cover factor. If he's in it, I buy it. What does Dr. Scott at Polite Dissent, think of his appearance, I wonder?

"Paperclip loquacious journey."
That kind of goes without saying. Five-Kinds Kyle is fast-becoming my favorite Aquaman comic relief character (right behind Tempest). This issue wasn't as horrible as its predecessor (how could it be?) and now that it's over we at least have a Sub Diegan police force, armed with underwater guns, policing an extremely well enumerated population. Extremely.

Son of Vulcan
"Are you sure a career in polyunsaturated fats is in your best interests?"
I don't have much idea what's going on in this book and I love every second of it.

Justice Society
"Normally I would applaud a giant stomping over the ants that infest this earth."
Snarking on Atom-Smasher is always a winner.

Justice League Unlimited
I used to live there, what can I say. This story also gets a 2005 Absorby Award nomination for "Best Use of Nuclear Bomb by a Villain".

Secret Files & Origins, Batman Villains
"And now I'm a giant, self-propelled, twitching spine!"
If you love the Silver Age, you'll love the Clayface story. If you hate the Silver Age, you'll love the Clayface story even more. Special note to DC Marketing: if Black Mask can have a big poster of the map of Gotham City, WHY CAN'T WE?


Anonymous said...

"A giant, self-propelled twitching spine"?

Sounds like me before my first cup of coffee.

And maybe it's just me, but isn't "crime doctor" kind of a weird turn of phrase? crime... doctor. A doctor of crime? A doctor of criminals? A doctor of Crime itself, as an abstract concept? It just sounds odd somehow.

Scipio said...

Oh, he's BOTH! I didn't know people didn't know who he was. I will write an entry about it.