Thursday, May 05, 2005

Oracle Explains it All for You

So, what are those blogs I'm linked to? I'm glad you asked that question, Senator...

Otherworlds. It's like a reality show about a guy trying to open a comic book shop in the Richmond region. If you've ever thought, "What would it be like to open my own comic book shop?", tune in and find out.

Seven Hells. By my good friend, comic book store manager Devon Sanders. Wait, no... With his razor wit, outre perspective, and unparalled knowledge of comics, his blogs threatens to outstrip mine in popularity. He is... my enemy! I must DESTROY HIM.

The Comic Treadmill. If you like DC, this is the blog, the one we all look up to. When I speak its name, the lights dim, background noise stops, and my dog howls.

Superfrankstein. Very visual; very funny, thanks to the ever-amusing Tom Peyer. And you just never know what might turn up!

Postmodernbarney. Comic book store guru Dorian is revered for his Wildean wit and outlook; a must-see.

Contest of Champions. A DC Fanboy's dream! Funny and truthful talk about how fights between comic book characters would really turn out.

Near Mint-Heroes. A great DC site that doesn't get enough play, celebrating among other things the wackiness of DC covers.

Progressive Ruin. Mike Sterling's sharp eye and insightful thoughts make this a popular blog.

The Snark Free Happy Joy Comic Blog. It's motto is "Reclaiming the Biff Bam Pow!" and Adam West is its patron saint. What more do you need to know?


Anonymous said...

Thanks Scipio! Of course, on the day you have kind words to say about the Treadmill as a DC stop what do I do? Why post an entry on an Eclipse comic of course. Oops. I'll have to add a DC-related entry later tonight.

By the way, one of the Absorbascon features has made it on to my list of things I must accomplish before dying. As Rao is my witness, I will get one of your mystery quote answers right before I draw my last breath!


Hate Filled Poster said...

I'm not all DC. :) DC just has the wackiest covers and such. Thanks for the linkage though.

Dorian said...

I'm not the owner though...just a work drone.

Man, if I was the owner I wouldn't feel quite so free to speak my's a lot easier to find a new job than to start a new business.

Scipio said...

The irony, Dorian! As we gain position, we give up freedom...

My friend Jack is starting up a comic book store in Virginia (his blog about it is "Otherworlds" linked from my site).

Any words of advice or encouragement you have for him would be MUCH appreciated, I'm sure!

Hate Filled Poster said...

Btw, I'm thinking of doing a post soon on Guy Gardner's adventures in the Phantom Zone soon.

Scipio said...

Guy Gardner?!

In the Phantom Zone!?!?!?!

You made that up, Shane...!

Hate Filled Poster said...

Nope. It gets better. He was trapped in the phantom zone thought dead by his friends while his girlfriend is about to marry Hal. Great story! I'll be sure to post it.