Thursday, May 05, 2005

Free Bodies!

Let's look at one of the Free Comic Book Day books: "Free Bodies" from Mortal Coils Comics.

It has four stories in it! Yay, I like feeling like I'm getting a lot of bang for my buck (even when it's free). Three out of the four stories, I liked; not a bad average!

"Godpoint". Two lady janitors who relocate randomly whenever they sleep and then make sardonic repartee wherever they show up. But why I can't imagine. Honestly, I understood not a word of this story. Except for the one sentence in Latin, which was perfectly clear.
"Pit Stop". A nice, Vertigo-esque tale. Two (I assume) running characters, off on their usual magic-chasing errands, encounter a love-sick stranger who learns painfully, "Thou Shalt Not Steal." Has the patented 'quick crushing intimacy' with characters that moves Vertigo stuff along so efficiently. Love the air-brush-y art by Chris Srnka.
"Fetch". A silent film of a story, using only pictographic ballons (a la "Impulse"), about a store owner with a pet lion. Cute!
"I Didn't KnowThis Place Had a Cellar". Also cute. A light superhero parody tale set in a bar (the Hero Happy Hour series). I liked it, even if it only had one joke.

Perhaps this is a sampler of what the company has to offer and previous familiarity with the characters and their situations would help? I can't quite tell.

Oh, and I really liked the lettering by SnoCone Studios, odd as that may sound.


ADL said...

I very much appreciate Scipio taking the time and Blogger-space to review the FCBD book. And, frankly, his comments about "Pit Stop" couldn't be better.

As for "Godpoint," his honesty about not understanding it is well-taken. That is, I realize now that this story may work far better for some (those familiar with the play "Waiting for Godot") than others. Still, I never like to intentionally leave anybody out by being over-literary, so his critique is a good one.

(And perhaps the clue in the title -- "God-point" instead of a mispronounciation of Godot as "God-dot" -- was simply not enough, truly.)

Again, thanks for the words, Scipio, and I know the folks at HHH and FINDER appreciate the coverage as well!

Scipio said...

Ah-ha, I see better now!

Never read "Godot" in English...

A.Dave, happy to help a fellow customer of Devon's!

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