Tuesday, May 31, 2005

A, how do you Americans call it?, 'Link blog'...

I suddenly realized I actually LIKE it when other people "linkblog". Supposedly it's deemed "lazy" but, hey, it sure has broadened my horizons.

And so.

Something Awful's FashionSWAT critiques superhero/villain outfits. Since they're looking for hideous/ridiculous outfits to laugh at, most of the characters are Marvel, but DC is fairly represented by Black Condor, Clock King, and the Mod Gorilla Boss. You can't go wrong when the Mod Gorilla Boss is involved. Be forewarned; I myself laughed so hard I had to call my nurse to administer oxygen.

Music god Hoyt Curtin wrote most cartoon themes you remember and all of those you've forgotten. Superhero Radio honors the man who wrote the Superfriends theme.

When you're in a certain mood, there's no adequate substitute for altered comic book covers about transgenderism.

Abandon your life as you know it and move to my former home, White River Junction, Vermont, to study comic books.

If your gay and like comics or just like gay comics or are comical and like gays, visit Prism. And tell 'em "Wanda" sent you...

If, while participating in the Comeback Poll, you wondered, "Who the heck did guys like Airwave and Mr. Scarlet fight?", there's a place to find out.

If, in order to oppose Rann more effectively, you want the plot of every Adam Strange story, it's right below, courtesy of the Adam Strange museum:

  • The menace appears on Rann.
  • Rann scientists and military leaders are helpless to solve it.
  • Coincidentally, Adam Strange arrives from Earth on Rann via the zeta-beam.
  • Adam Strange exchanges romantic greetings with Alanna immediately after his arrival on Rann.
  • The romance is interrupted by the emergency: Alanna tells him about the catastrophe facing her people.
  • Adam Strange and Alanna fly off to investigate the problem itself.
  • Adam Strange comes up with a solution to the menace that involves a mixture of science and strategic action.
  • The plan is put into place by either Adam and Alanna themselves, or Rann's scientists and soldiers under Adam's direction.
  • The menace is defeated.
  • Adam and Alanna resume their romance
  • Adam fades out and returns to Earth.
The only Adam Strange stories that do not conform to this paradigm are the ones enlivened by Thanagarians Hawkman and Hawkgirl. Of course.

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Anonymous said...

Some guy who works at Something Awful wrote, in relation to the Black Condor:

He appeared in something called "Crack Comics," which is a series based on the horrifying drug-dreams of its creators.

Isn't that true of practically all Golden Age comics and Silver Age DC comics?