Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Rann Sucks, IV

Thanagar is an exporter of heroes. A pair of Thanagarian beat cops can land on Earth and become instant superheroes (and respected archeologists, despite a total lack of degrees, credentials, or experience). On Thanagar, regular folk become Earth heroes and archeologists on their vacations.

Rann is an importer of heroes. These bloodless feebs can't wipe their bespectacled noses without the help of Earthman Adam Strange, who, though powerless, seems to be the only person with brains and gumption enough to use any of their high-tech weapons. On Rann, Earth archeologist become regular heroes on their vacations.

How Thanagar is losing in the poll, I can not understand...! You cursed heroic types must be siding with the weak, undeserving underdogs.

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Anonymous said...

Are all the Rann pics from that one full length issue with Adam Strange and Hawkman in that Hawkman aarchive?