Saturday, May 14, 2005

Superhero Radio Report!

Even though it's only been up for a week or so, Superhero Radio is taking off! So far, we're getting about 15 listeners a day. Most are from the U.S., but substantial numbers are from Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Spain.

Oh, and four people in France. See? Even Rannie-sympathizers like Superhero Radio!

Soon we'll be acquiring the legendary J-Sinn Starr song "Green Lantern", much discussed on-line but seldom heard, a gift from J-Sinn himself! If you listen carefully to a certain other song about Wonder Woman, you can catch the lyrics "when she's lassoing crime, I always wish that I was crime!" How such ribaldry must tickle the French!

Merchandise for Superhero Radio, the Thanagarian Army, and the Absorbascon itself can be purchased at the Absorbascon Shoppe!


Anonymous said...

Hey, that's good stuff. Who did the a capella version of the theme from Superman: The Movie?

Scipio said...


The Swingle Singers.

I believe if you look at the player-device as the songs are on, it shows the artist. Also if you click on the little BUY button while it's playing, a search window opens up telling you where you can buy the album the song is on.

Anonymous said...

You just caught another listener with the promise of J-Sin Starr -- I've been trying to find that song everywhere.

Scipio said...

Excellent! I'm still waiting, though, for a mp3 version from Jason himself. He and his wife are imminent with child, which may be (!) preoccupying him.

Jason said...
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David said...

If need be, I can hand off a copy of it.