Saturday, May 21, 2005

For Rannie-Sympathizers

For Rannie-Sympathizers
Originally uploaded by Scipio1.
A little gift for you Rannies. And it's in your color!

No, no, don't thank me; it's the least I can do....


David Campbell said...

Where is Woder Woman's ass? Did she get hit with an Assorbascon?

Scipio said...


Harvey Jerkwater said...

Dude, the appeal of Rann is like the appeal of Edgar Rice Burroughs's Mars.

Every reader thinks, "Man, gimme a week, and I'd run that bitch!"

What's wrong with that? Sounds great to me.

Thanagar is where fascists bonk you in the head with maces. Rann is where any pathetic schmuck from Earth can be a planet-wide hero. I know where I'd go on vacation.

"So, Harv, what'd you do last weekend?"

"Saved an alien city from a blood-crazed Snarklewort Beast. I yelled at it real loud and it ran away. The citizens were so grateful they renamed the city after me."

"Sweet. You wanna get some cheese fries after work?"

"You know it."

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