Saturday, May 28, 2005


Sometimes you just gotta talk about comics...

Wonder Woman. Rucka's going to some lengths to mislead into the thinking Diana will ask for her vision or her mother back after her quest to the Underworld. Personally, I think it's really obvious she's going to ask for the restoration of the little boy Medousa petrified.

Hawkman. If Hawkman's dead (for now, which the most recent issue of "Wizard" confirms (torn to death by Manhawks, ya know; nasty), and Charlie Parker's going to make a surprising announcement, and Charlie Parker was supposed to be dead, then don't you suppose Charlie Parker is actually Katar Hol reincarnated (as has been theorized by one Barry Freiman of Chicago, Illinois)? I mean, the Charlie Parker we knew wouldn't become a wealthy entrepeneur overnight.

Flash. Didn't anybody else see that murder coming? I certainly didn't; caught me completely off-guard.

Green Lantern. Looks like we're finally going to get a Coast City with some personality (no persons yet, but personality). That's good, that's something the GL mythos always lacked; you couldn't name one landmark or even recognize the city without Hal flying over it.

Batman. Speaking of maps, when is DC going to get off its duff and make a poster out of the map of Gotham City?

Green Arrow. While I didn't enjoy seeing the Riddler drawn as the Joker's twin, I did enjoy seeing him beat the snot out of Ollie just for giggles.

Aquaman. Okay, the old cop guy has got to be the murderer, can we get back to the regularly scheduled story now?

The Atom. Get out of the lawn, Ray! Alan and Hal are waiting to induct you into the "My Significant Other Became a Supervillain" support group.


Woody! said...

Was it just me, or did Ollie's beatdown remind anyone of Jason Todd's beating? Maybe it's just cause the artist tried to pass the Riddler off as the Joker.

Scipio said...

The art was a definite problem in that regard. I also don't imagine Riddler dirtying his hands himself, even for revenge. I rather picture him watching as thugs beat up Ollie.

Remember, Judd's writing this, and Judd has a bad rep for plot swipes and steals.

Ian said...

I know so little of Hawkamn's world that I thought the Charlie Parker you wrote about was the famous jazz musician. Now I kind wish that Parker and Dizzy Gillespie hung around the DCU.