Thursday, May 19, 2005

Knocked Cents-less

batman hit penny
Originally uploaded by Scipio1.
Knocked out by a roll of pennies, courtesy of my number one guy, Joe Coyne, the Penny Plunderer. Well, who did you think was responsible for the giant penny in the Batcave, huh? And why didn't John Astin play HIM on the TV show?

Robin looks so embarrassed. "Ugh, I should have accepted the offer from Hawkman; I'm the sensational character find of 1940, I could do so much better than this..."

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Anonymous said...

Is Robin standing up, in an Escherian violation of perspective? Or is he lying down with his arms held incredibly awkwardly? And what's casting that cape-shaped shadow, given that the cape is pointing the other way?

Clearly Joe Coyne is a master of manipulating eldritch dimensions.