Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Image of Rann

Originally uploaded by Scipio1.
There I was, innocently contemplating the possibility of peaceful negotations between Thanagar and Rann resulting in a unified stronger society for them both, when...!

Mikester at Progressive Rann, ah, I mean, Ranagar's Ruin, oh, I mean Progressive Ruin, has noted that a Google search for "Rann" terms up many more entries and images than one for "Thanagar".

I should think so! The bulk of those are undoubtedly real estate listings by offworlders hoping to salvage something out of their Rannian properties before Thanagar takes over.

In any case, the adjacent image in one of the ones that turn up when you google Rann. It's from some Japanese site, so I'm not sure what it's about.

But I can guess who's Rann and who's Thanagar...!


Mikester said...

Clearly, this means that Rann is much, much sexier.

(I was kinda wondering about that image, too!)

Scipio said...

No, Mike, I'm sure the BIG guy is Thanagar and the LITTLE guy is Rann.

It's typical Japanese metaphorical art, symbolizing the predicted outcome of the way.

Yes, I'm sure of that...

Gordon D said...

About the preponderance of "Rann" in search engines - much of it is due to the fact that Rann is responsible for 99% of galactic internet spam.

And have to agree - the blue guy is Rann, and the bigger guy is Thanagar.

Anonymous said...

Given their fondness for fetish outfits and situations, I'd say that big guy is a Thanagaran officer who is about to "interrogate" the little blue man from Rann.

Scipio said...