Sunday, May 29, 2005

Mr. Scarlet speaks

Originally uploaded by Scipio1.

Hello, citizens, Mr. Scarlet here.

Before Daredevil donned the red and yellow, I was a District Attorney by day, crimefighter by night.

Before Batman offered to adopt Robin, I had already adopted my sidekick, Pinky.

Before Adam Strange put fin on his head, I had a paisley-thing. Before Sandman got Kirby-ized and slapped on a purple holster, and I had a yellow one.

Before Tony Stark even started shaving, I had a cheesy moustache.

Though mostly forgotten now, I was a true pioneer. Sorry you didn't vote my comeback; I would have looked great in the JSA. And I could have prosecuted that villain, Atom-Smasher, for them! I could have dated the Crimson Avenger and, together, we'd have painted the town red! Oh, well...


Anonymous said...

He has a boy sidekick named Pinky and a giant red spermatazoa perched on his head. Would he really be that interested in dating a woman?


Vaklam said...

Mr. Scarlet's crimefighting career was cut short when incontrovertible evidence was brought forward that it was, in fact, him in the Conservatory with the Candlestick.

Scipio said...

And exactly WHAT he was doing with it is better left unsaid!