Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Rokara Soh, on Selflessness

"My work guarantees me a place in the halls of the immortals, while you are simply destined for the dirt. Think on that."
Rokara Soh, "Birds of Prey", Animal Man

Hey, Thanagarian art-martyr Rokara Soh didn't have to waste time talking to future plant-food like you and me. Yet he takes the time to stop and help others better understand themselves and their own places in the universe.

That kind of selflessness almost brings a tear to your eye; even Thanagarian villains are so giving!


Jhunt said...

Regardless of which side you support in the Rann-Thanagar conflict, you've got to admit that issue of Animal Man was choice. That book was my first exposure to Morrison, and it still remains his high-water mark in my book. I can still remember the pure "what-the-f**k" feeling I had when I read his final issue.

Scipio said...

"All you had to do was turn it off."