Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Sounds of Silence: Krakk! 3

batman hit gl
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This one will make it impossible to forget...

Krakk = Right Cross.


naladahc said...

I really didn't want to buy any of these but I paged through #5 on the shelves. Obviously this is in the opening pages of #6.

I may have to read it now.

I'm so sick of the "modern" asshole Batman that this punch alone may be one of the best things for me in comics in years.

Now if Wolverine would get the shit beat out of him by the little girl in Power Pack I'd totally be happy.

Anonymous said...

Does Geoff Johns has some kind of split personality? He pisses all over the Giffen-Dematteis League in DC Countdown and then throws in a blatant reference to it here ("One punch!").

I agree with Hal punching out the current Batman in principle, but the execution seemed a bit juvenile in a my-favorite-character-is-better-than-yours-na-na-na-na-na sort of way. Geoff Johns seems to think Hal Jordan is God much as many other writers seem to think that Batman is God. Still, Green Lantern: Rebirth (and the regular series, so far) was surprisingly good.

Scipio said...

Everyone gets to win in his own comic book.

It's kind of like the old Earth-3 Advantage Principle.