Saturday, May 07, 2005

Blue Harvest, Green Lantern.

In an earlier post, I doubted the existence of the band "Blue Harvest" and their song "Green Lantern". I happily now admit my error!

Not only do Blue Harvest and "Green Lantern" exist, but I'm listening to the song RIGHT NOW on Superhero Radio. It's got one verse each for Alan Scott, Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, and Kyle Rayner.

Sometimes it's good to be wrong.


Anonymous said...

I heard it for the first time on Super-Hero radio yesterday. Have I mentioned that Super-Hero Radio is the sixth best thing in the history of humanity?


Scipio said...

I'm blushingly honored, H!

But, as a true villain, my immediate thought is:

"What are theses other five accomplishments of humanity and what must I do TO DESTROY THEM!?!?!"

Anonymous said...

Song also has a verse about John Stewart too

Malachi said...

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