Sunday, May 08, 2005

And the Lame Shall Walk Again

My thanks to Dave of the world-famous Dave's Longbox for introducing me to Marvel villain Turner D. Century, who will help me make another point about the difference between Marvel and DC.

Am I going to say, "see how lame Marvel villains are, while DC villains are cool?" No.

The DCU gave us the the Mad Mod, Kadaver, Stompa, Orca the Whalewoman (so awful I could find you no useful link), the Eraser, and the Ten-Eyed Man; not even I am enough of a DC zealot to claim that DC villains are necessarily cool, folks.

The difference lies in DC's attitude toward "lame" villains (and other characters). DC revamps them, evolves them, or at least lets them stumble to a logical or ironic death. Let's see, just off the top of my head: CatMan, the Mad Hatter, Per Degaton, Black Manta, Blackbriar Thorn, Major Disaster, the (original) PsychoPirate, Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, Dr. Psycho, Firefly, the Calculator, the Fadeaway Man, Black Hand, the Riddler. These villains were all "lame" until the right writer got their hands on them. Do you now wish that they had been forgotten?

Marvel? In the Marvel Universe, they all would have been shot, in one panel, by Marvel's in-story version of white-out, the blank assassin Scourge.

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Anonymous said...

Paste Pot Pete, The Miracle Man, The Beetle, Powerman, enough to start with?

This would be the same DC which killed Wonder Woman's former mentor in a still unsolved murder, oh at least 30 years ago?