Thursday, May 12, 2005

Message from the Front

Translated from Thanagarian Birdsong Code:

Trapped on this primitive planet and surrounded by Rann-sympathizers, I had begun to dispair of my mission to psychologically prepare this backward mudball for admission into the Thanagarian empire by using archaic "internet" technology as an artistic medium.

But recent turnabouts are heartening. According to my webpoll on our battle for the Earthers' devotion, we dedicated, hard-working Thanagarians are now tied with the epicene sybarites of Rann. Equally encouraging, planetary opinionmakers like The Comic Treadmill, Seven Hells, Polite Dissent have publicly sided with Thanagar.

Meanwhile, even as I write, hundreds of flocks of angry birds are winging their way to France...


Well, Rann beat Thanagar in the Google War...
Madness! Outrage!

Results are clearly skewed by the fact that Thanagarians are out saving the universe while Rannians loll about on overstuffed anti-grav rockers, clicking away on the Google opinion polls....
Yeah, but Rann is heroless now as Adam Strange has fallen in the battle with Hawkman. It's ripe for the taking!

You can add NearMintHeroes to the support of Thanagar, scipio my friend! WE SHALL PREVAIL!!!
Wings beat Jetpacks too! :P
Ah. Clearly this horde of angry birds is no match for our legions of filthy Parisian pigeons.

Oh, and Major Mynah, Ray Palmer's pet bird, sides with us.

But ok, we surrender.

But I fear Hawkman should be tried for his Rannite sympathies too. Not that I want to denounce or anything.
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