Friday, May 06, 2005

A Lack of I.Q.

I'm suffering from a lack of I.Q.

Um. I.Q. as in Ira Quimby, I mean. Ira Quimby is an important, long-time Hawkman foe. As the venerable Comic Treadmill has pointed out, IQ has been absent from the recent rogue redux in Hawkman.

However, in "The Headhunter: Part One", Hawkman says to Hawkgirl, "We took down Firefly yesterday, brought I.Q. and Bloque down earlier this week." Darn you, DC, don't tease me! I.Q. is important; let's see him, please!


Davinder said...

The last I recall seeing Ira Quimby, he was bartending at The Dark Side in the pages of the Giffen/DeMatteis Justice League during the Wally Tortellini issues.

Scipio said...

The ignominy! Is nothing sacred to those devils?!