Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Sword of Haiku

Haikuesday at the Absorbascon is on hiatus today, in protest over certain matters.

If, however, anyone is inspired to write haiku by this drawing:

who am I to stop them?


Anonymous said...

Phoney Aquaman
Merlin and stupid shark-man
Somebody kill me

Anonymous said...

Sword of Atlantis?
What's with shark guy's big toothbrush?
His nemesis: Plaque.

Anonymous said...

Ho! New Aquaman
Roll your d20 to hit
yonder foul shark man

Behold! Hither is
Mighty Aquaman, slaying
monsters for treasure

Sing Ho! Aquaman
is't true that the blade you bear
is a +1 sword?

Aquaman fears not
the sting of mortal combat
he needs no potions

Scipio said...

Wow, you're totally right, Mike.

"New from DC in 2006:
The Undersiders, by Judd Winick, starring

and Brush.

Anonymous said...

New Aquaman? Great!
"Orin" couldn't hold a sword
with that water hand

New Aquaman will
have to become aquainted
with true Sea Justice

Aquaman, Batman
team up agaist shark-person?
He'll be his new chum

Jhunt said...

Sorry Scipio
I think it looks enjoyable
and will try it out

Shon Richards said...

Haikus are pretty
They evoke beauty and strength
New Aquaman? Neither

Chris said...

Aquaman, Ragman
And Hal's old buddy The Shark?
What a lame comic

Anonymous said...

What are they doing
To my Aquaman now? Oy!
Come back, Nick Cardy!

Anonymous said...

Only one sketch and
Hello knee: meet jerk!

Devon Sanders said...

I'm sorry but that last one is brilliant.

Jeff R. said...

Sword of Aquaman
Will never succeed without
Hot Octopus Love

Mr. Rice said...

Oh, God! Tragedy!
This is no super hero!
Nothing else is good.

Everything must be
Just as it always has been
Supernerds hate change

Des said...

I never thought I'd
be wishing for a bearded,
handless Aquaman.

Spencer Carnage said...

Only one sketch and
Hello knee: meet jerk!

Now that's good.

kalinara said...

Sword and Sorcery,
Good thing no one remembers,
Sword of the Atom.


Harvey Jerkwater said...

Old man with pitchfork
Santa Claus and the devil
Together at last

Shark man with tooth-stick
What, will he saw me to death?
A dentist's nightmare

Marine Conan yay
King of the sea goes stabby
Good idea how?

Orin? Arthur? Hm.
Neither name nor costume makes
Any less lame.

Anonymous said...

Sure, the sword's nifty,
But let's see him get it past
Good Old Brother I!

Why's Arthur so glum?
He misses Peter David,
But won't admit it.

Anonymous said...

Scipio is mad
His fictional lover is
Replaced by Conan.

He goes to the sea
To seek consolation in
The arms of Topo.

Tom Foss said...

Orin is no more
He-Man is underwater
He has the power!

Warlord starts anew
Claw, Sonja, Arthur as well
New D&DC?

Fantasy, Sci-Fi,
Heroes together make the
World's fattest fanboys

Anonymous said...

Getting at the heart of Aquaman's public perceptions:

Sword of Atlantis
Will not undo the damage
Filmation had wrought.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Kurt Busiek!
Think I will give it a shot
Don't see what's so bad

Anonymous said...

A sahaugin, a
beggar, and a confused blond
walk into a bar.

The shark-looking guy
actually looks kinda cool
for a Marvel guy.

Lord of the Rings was
great, but this is just going
to silly extremes.

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