Saturday, December 10, 2005

Women and Comic Books

It's my sense that this blog gets a larger share of female readers than other comic book blogs (probably because I'm 100 times more likely to focus on Power Girl's boots than her boobs).

Are you a woman who reads comic books?

Wel, then, our sister site, Big Monkey Comics, has a new feature for you:


FanFatale is a forum that invites female fans to discuss a topic on women characters in comics, women creators in comics, and women into comics.

The first topic is on women and violence in comics, with specific reference to Gail Simone. The second is about the use of pregnancy and babies in comics, with an eye toward DC's planned parenthood in 2006. Let me know if there's a new topic you're dying to discuss!

Please contribute a few thoughts and help spark what we hope will be a welcome venue for conversation and debate!

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Anonymous said...

oooh that sounds cool! I'm going to visit.