Wednesday, December 14, 2005

My Favorites this Week

Quote from someone else's blog.
"Kyle Rayner became a god once, and the first thing he did was cut his hair."

Background detail.
The road sign outside of Arkham in "Legends of the Dark Knight" that says HITCHHIKERS MAY BE ESCAPING INMATES. I really wanted to see an International Symbol of some kind on this sign.

Inexplicably villainous behaviour.
Dr. Light kills 17 students at Mia's school to spook her into running home, so he can follow her there. Dude; couldn't wait till 3:30 PM? How busy are you? Guess when you work at the speed of light, you get impatient.

Kirbyesque moment.

Heh, nice one, Palmiotti and Gray.

Best unexpected reference.
Do not buy Teen Titans this week for the Brother Blood-bath. Buy it for the jaw-dropping Carrot Captain saga that begins within--seriously. My favorite part? Fox and Crow as tv newscasters. I never thought I'd live to see Fox and Crow, in any capacity, back in a DC comic.

Hottie of the week.
Captain Atom. Yow. The combination of the new "outfit" and Camuncoli's art; yow. No one has ever made Captain Atom sexy before, and the "oops where did I leave my genitalia" problem makes it pretty darned tough to do.

Weekly Wow.
I respectfully steal the "@#$ yeah!" concept from my better, Dave of Dave's Longbox, and adapt it to my own wicked purposes.

Captain Atom also gives us the Weekly Wow. I never really liked Captain Atom before. Now I do.


joncormier said...

Since I don't know how to send it to you or post it in the comments, I made you a warning label.

Shameless self promotion.
The rest of my blog pretty much sucks unless your me these days so don't waste time reading it.

Scipio said...

A warning label?

Jeff R. said...

Say, can someone explain to me how we got a new brother blood after the last one fathered a daughter instead of a son, possibly ending the line's curse? And how the Blood-ites became Trigon-worshippers rather than a generic-but-for-multigenerationality cult of personality?

Scipio said...

Not me!

Shon Richards said...

The warning label is the Hitchiker's sign you were discussing about Arkham.

I could care less about Captain Atom or the Wildstorm universe but I am enjoying every second of Captain Atom looking down on the Wildstormers and asking, "How are you guys heroes?". It's almost like if say, Superman of Earth-2 really didn't like what was going on with current DC right now. Hey wait a sec . . .

Scipio said...


Clever, isn't it?

Jeff R. said...

Captain Atom will always just be Plastique's boy-toy to me, sorry.

(And I was actually more surprised [and more pleasantly] by the triumphant return of Kid Devil than any of the Carrot crew...)

Scipio said...

Did those two get married, or something weird like that?

Scipio said...

And who IS Kid Devil?

I'd never heard of him before...

Jeff R. said...

Yes, they did get married. And she got trundled off to limbo without benefit of divorce or death or anything, and didn't even have to get pregnant first...

Kid Devil is the kid with the Captain Carrot comic book. He used to be Blue Devil's kid sidekick. (See
and for cover apparences.) The latter one reminds me that he was also Jason Todd's Pen Pal.

kalinara said...

Heh, I got quoted. Neat!

And wow, I think I'm going to have to read more Captain Atom...(I'm also really impressed by the aim in that picture. And the power...that's quite some distance too...)

Scipio said...

Jason Todd's Pen Pal??!?!?!?!?!??!!!

Well, well; Blue Devil 19, there it is:

Jason Todd was Kid Devil's pen pal.

Geoff, Judd, Brad, Greg, Gail, Dan -- SOMEbody do something with this, PLEASE!

Anonymous said...

Jesus every single one of the books on my list came out today. I didn't have enough to pick up Captain Atom yet.

I thought I was in an extreme minority of people looking forward to this mini (i probably was) but at least you all are finally catching on.

Teen Titans is finally back to normal, this makes me happy.

Haute Corbeille said...

What I want to know is, why are Arkham inmates capturing hitchhikers in the first place?

Jarlsberg's Chosen said...

From the same blog: "My dad called Hal Jordan a pervert! My dad is awesome!".

Ragnell said...

Man, that's an awesome blog, isn't it? she's playing matchmaker now.

Algernon said...

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