Wednesday, December 21, 2005

My Favorites This Week ...

Quote from someone else's blog
"Shouldn't Marvel put as much effort into their comics as they do their press-releases?" Ah, yer slayin' me, Jon!

New Superhero Song
"Aquaman" (not 'Sword of Atlantis') by Grandpa Griffith. It's very pretty and well performed. It's on their new album that comes out this week and it's playing now on Big Monkey Comics Radio, because they sent me an advance copy.

Inscrutable Detail
The Shark has nipples. Why does the Shark have nipples? Is Joel Schumacher one of the gremlins? The Shark should not have nipples.

Green Lantern 6. Hal versus the gremlins, Black Hand, the Shark, Hector Hammond. The delicious art. The death symbolism and double entendre and the contextualizing flashbacks of Hal's life. This is one of the best comic books I've read in a long time.

"Get our daughter out of here," says Tempest, whose only child is a boy. Says something similar in the most recent pre-Sword-of-Atlantis issue of Aquaman. I guess nobody on the DC staff reads Aquaman. Or maybe Tempest pulled a magical screw-up when changing diapers, and, zhwoomp!, Cerdian is now Cerdi Anne. Hey, it's better than accidently turning himself and Aquaman into fish.

The Purple Death Ray. The name alone says it all. There's still time to get me one for Christmas, by the way.

Use of Superpower
Aquaman, in Alex Ross's Justice. No contest. Finny friends rock.

Weekly Wow
The double (triple?) reveal toward the end of Infinite Crisis, with Society Head Luthor, his machine, and the destruction of the Watchtower. Uh-oh. We really are in trouble ...


Anonymous said...

That Vetran quote single handidly made me forget Willingham's run on Robin and decide to start picking the title back up.

I'm surprised you didn't have Behold I am The Wicker Man!

naladahc said...

I so loved the Purple Death Ray.

I haven't really read Wonder Woman since Perez left in the late 80s so they must have reintroduced the purple ray stuff.

But now... it is deather-ized!!!

Jeff R. said...

On the quotes, I'd personally write in Animal Man's "I don't knwo what kind of animal I'm syncing up with out here...but it shoots lightning out of its face." [Answer: probably a Lightning-beast of Korbol, by the way, Buddy.]

And of course, what kind of a Crisis would it be without Haiku of self-doubt and defeatism:
This wasn't supposed
To Happen. I can't breathe, can't...
...Do this anymore.

joncormier said...

Wow, someone actually quoting me. I don't know if I should be happy or suspicious... That's just what the holidays do to me, well, the holidays and an election. I can't take a compliment, I'm all "what the hell do you mean by THAT? Are you making fun of me and I don't get it?"

I'm liking the quotations and the Hal-bashing, I mean, head-bashing. Sometimes you're just too clever here.

Scipio said...

And of course, what kind of a Crisis would it be without Haiku of self-doubt and defeatism:
This wasn't supposed
To Happen. I can't breathe, can't...
...Do this anymore."

Jesus H., that's actually scary, Jeff...

Diamondrock said...

That reveal was a major wow. And I think trouble is a serious understatement when you consider what the guy who destroyed the watchtower is capable of. We're talking Pre-Crisis power levels here, friends. That means moving planets with his little finger. Uh oh.