Sunday, August 23, 2009

Clip Week 2: Wonder Woman

I am out of reach this week for very pleasant reasons. Rather than time-release posts without being to attend to the commentary thereupon, I'm offering a retrospective on some of our favorite topics here. [I've noticed that the labels function on Blogger doesn't always pull everything, which is why I'm not just using that to do so.]

Today's topic:

Wonder Woman

House Ad for the Widow-Maker
The Widow-Maker: Start Your Engines!
The Widow-Maker: Batman Stuff
The Widow-Maker: Handicapping the Race
The Widow-Maker: Why God Permits Evil
Can Wonder Woman Dance?
Golden Age Wonder Woman Week
Moulton's Future
WW Nursery Song I
WW Nursery Song II
WW Nursery Song III
The Hits Keep Coming
Marston responds
The Big Questions
Dr. Domino Week 1
Dr. Domino Week: A Fistful of Tie
Dr. Domino's Haikuesday
Dr Domino's Plan B
Domino Logic
Ching for a Day
The Killing Machine

1 comment:

steve mitchell said...

Loved the Dr. Domino retrospective.

After reading Sirens of Gotham, I'm thinking there could be a big upright domino under the Red Hood's headpiece. Dr. D. would fit right into the Gotham criminal spectrum.