Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Things That Made Me Happy...

in my comics this week.

  • Okay, I'll admit it: I didn't know who Charles Bukowski was either.
  • Only Cliff Steele would say, "Typical" at that point.
  • Yes... what is a human life, balanced against a perfectly cooked omelette?
  • Batman discovers that Moscow ain't Gotham.
  • "At least they're about how fairness and justice still prevail in the world, and that's important these days." Hear, hear.
  • Really, it surprisingly anyone is allowed to build a Ferris wheel or a roller coaster in the DCU anymore, because it's always just a matter of time... .
  • Eddie's sex-change shortcut.
  • I'm amazed that I've been made to care so much about Kryptonian politics.
  • Heh. Now THAT is Artemis.
  • The Human Flame versus Miss Army Knife. Guess who wins?
  • Whoa. DP kicks butt.
  • The Gotham laws about important conversations.
  • Lookalikes. In flavors.
  • Free will override? Heh. That's the Chief's work alright.
  • Alura does her job.
  • It's good that someone remembered Jay's friends. But that was a cheap and unnecessary way to do so. I officially disapprove.
  • "I eat impossible for breakfast and crap out unicorns!" is my new signature saying.
  • Rita and Karen as friends. That makes perfect sense!
  • Black holes that negotiate.
  • Really, of all the sentences I've read lately, "C'est le chlore, un element chimique gazeux!" was among the least likely.
  • Mr. Polka Dot's ironic fate.
  • Wow. A riot of Kryptonians is not a pretty thing. Unless it's drawn really really well.
  • Kanigher Street, indeed.
  • Zummazumma, the Living Doll. Priceless.
  • Ah. Banshee. That's makes perfect sense.
  • Wow. James Robinson remembers how Ray and Freddy know each other. Impressive.
  • Mr. Bateman. Lord, I nearly fell out of my chairing laughing at that.
  • I LOVE Copper.
  • Say, what you like; it's good to see Congo Bill again.
  • I actually had to look up 'furikake'.
  • That's from Dante's Inferno, by the way. "Abandon all hope, ye who enter."
  • 26-th dimensional hypergriffins. Really, want more do you want?
  • I, too, am still unhappy with my fricatives.
  • Skelecopter. Priceless.
  • "This a job for Superman." If you are not reading World of New Krypton, I call thee fool.


Anonymous said...

There's a decent Charles Bukowski reference in "The Girl in Gold Boots":

It's buried in Part 4.

steve mitchell said...

My new comics are out in the car, and won't be read till I get home tonight. So I don't know who Zummazumma the Living Doll is, or where he or she appears.

But, it sounds suspiciously like a rip from Tomazooma, the Totem Who Walks, one of the Fantastic's Four most frankly frightening foes.

(And thanks for bringing Tomazooma to mind; it made me realize I need a HeroClix conversion for him.)

Scipio said...

Ah, I knew they were making fun of something there, I just didn't know what.

TotalToyz said...

Today I read the issue of Adventures of Superman wherein Mon-El goes around the world in 18 pages.

I don't know why, but I found it somewhat ennobling to learn that, like me, James Robinson listens to Donald Fagen.

TotalToyz said...

(And thanks for bringing Tomazooma to mind; it made me realize I need a HeroClix conversion for him.)

Oo! Oo! Mr. Kotter! Oo! Oo!

Bethama said...

What? But furikake is delicious!

steve mitchell said...

Behold! Zummazumma, the Living Doll Who Walks Like. . .well, a Totem Who Walks.

Heh. Just another shameless example of DC stealing from the mighty House of Ideas.

TotalToyz said...

True; but sometimes, DC's thefts become more popular and commercially successful than Marvel's (or Timely's) originals.

Case in point: Aquaman.

steve mitchell said...

Somehow I don't think that Zummazumma will ever equal the malign grandeur that is Tomazooma, the Totem Who Walks.

SallyP said...

So much joy this week.

Patrick C said...

OK, I wikipedia'd Charles Bukowski and I still don't get what Supergirl meant by that. Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

As someone who has delighted in pretty much every previous incarnation of Doom Patrol, I was most decidedly not happy with Giffen's take.

People were divided over the work of Arcudi and Byrne (and I like to think Pollack), but I saw good ideas and intentions in each run that I'm really not seeing in Giffen's first issue here. I mean, I won't argue that I'm awfully quick to judge here, but I thought that the Doom Patrol becoming aware of their bizarre and constantly revised nature was one of the few good points of the nonsense going on during Infinite Crisis. The nice Teen Titans story arc ran with that a bit, but Giffen is basically setting it aside in favor of brand new take of his own.

In my mind, post-IC Patrol stories shouldn't focus on the dysfunctional, self-destructive aspect of the team but on the dysfunctional, self-destructive aspect of the DC universe itself. I think it's long past the point where a writer could really sell them to new readers as an interesting, low-baggage property. Instead they should run full steam in the other direction, treating the bizarre and nonsensical history of the team as a toy box from which characters, concepts and storylines can be pulled from freely and played with without hesitation. The nature of the team means that a reasonably clever writer could work with everything that's ever happened in the books while still throwing concerns about canon out the window.

anyway, sorry. this has been your random passing by internet stayed-up-too-late rant of the day.

Anonymous said...

What comic had the Bukowski reference?

suedenim said...

"Eddie's sex change shortcut?"

MaGnUs said...

Robinson echoes some of your posts about Jean Loring being a bitch in the back pages of Cry For Justice.