Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Pep 30: Violating the Fourth Wall AND Madonna

Now this is some Pep-style Detective-Action-Adventure!!! Which, in case you hadn't noticed, takes place in AUGUST, and apparently in the Skull Cave.

The Shield is back where he belongs, on Stage Right, with his hair well-inked and sporting a kicky new blue sequin cinch belt, just like my Aunt Susie used to wear to the Sock Hop; slimming! I think Hangman took him shopping to freshen his look... .

The Shield is practically bursting off the page to a degree that must have made 25 year-old Jack Kirby's nipples hard. Not just zhoompfing in like he usually does, the Shield is left-hooking Herr Zoeller there through the Fourth Wall so hard, I almost ducked, just like my Aunt Susie seeing "House on Haunted Hill" for the first time in the theater. And the gorilla downstage left is nearly petrified by it!

Meanwhile, the Hangman, still borrowing Dusty's cape starch while the kid's away at Archie Re-Education Camp, is strangling what looks like Eclipso's grandpa, just as he was about to employ an electricified marital aid ("The new five-speed Whoopie Rotor (tm)!" as endorsed by William Moulton Marston) on young Madonna, who's taking a break from her work on the set of the Republic Serial version of Evita to get chained to a stump for her usual lunchtime shenanigans, much like my Aunt Susie in the woods after the big Homecoming game. At least, that's how my mother tells it.


steve mitchell said...

You need to cut a deal with Archie (or DC, as appropriate) to write the Annotated Pep Covers Gallery. It deserves a place on coffee tables across the land!

Anonymous said...

Another awesome cover commentary!!

But, am I reading my racial stereotypes correctly and seeing a Japanese rising sun on "Eclipso's grandpa" to go with the swastika "marital aid"?

There does seem to be a heroes vs. Axis theme to the cover with the Nazi officer getting the Shield's punch.

Scipio said...

Yeah, he's what they used to call a "Japanazi", I believe.

steve mitchell said...

I'm still laughing at the thought of a Republic serial version of Evita. Madonna might have been just a tad young for the part, but Louise Currie, maybe? Co-starring Duncan Renaldo as her trusty sidekick Juan Peron.

Scipio said...

"Madonna might have been just a tad young for the part"

Thanks, Steve; that made me laugh out loud!

SallyP said...

Oh lovely. And Scipio, you make me want to meet the rest of your family!

Stephen said...

love the overtly demonic villains what style

Elmer said...

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