Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Clip Week 3; Vibe and his amazing friends

I am out of reach this week for very pleasant reasons. Rather than time-release posts without being to attend to the commentary thereupon, I'm offering a retrospective on some of our favorite topics here. [I've noticed that the labels function on Blogger doesn't always pull everything, which is why I'm not just using that to do so.]

Today's Topic: Why, nothing less than...

Vibe and his sidekicks, the Justice League Detroit.

One Hero Vibrating
Vibe in Crisis
Lessons from Vibe
Scipio's Dream Team
Paco versus Ralph
The JLD's meta-origins
The Real World: Detroit
Vibe versus Batman
Vibe lives
Could Vibe dance?
JLD: Sure bet
Vibe me!
Ominous Black Sun
JLD versus surrealism
JLD and the First Amendment
What killed Dale Gunn
Vibe needs YOU!
Vibe! The Musical
Even Vibe
DC Comics Presents #68
Vanilla Wafers


Citizen Scribbler said...

I'm particularly fond of many of these posts. Especially the dancing one- too funny!

-Citizen Scribbler

Redforce said...

I've noticed something more and more when re-reading these entries- I think Scipio is not writing that much about Vibe, he is just CHANNELING Vibe. I think his original assertion was correct- Vibe is a rare literary character that exists outside human imagination, independent of the writers and artists who gave him words and form. Vibe has always been with us, since the first caveman painted with earth pigments and charcoal those long millenia ago, and will be until the end of human existence. Forget about finishing The Last Galactus Story, John Byrne- make human history and give us the Last VIBE Story.