Sunday, July 30, 2006

Pog Candidate Profiles

This is for newer readers who might not recognize all the candidates is our Customer Heroclix Pog Poll.

The Buddhist Monk refers to the guy who revived Eel O'Brien after he becomes Plastic Man; everyone else has an explanatory link.

Marsha Mallow 7 votes
The Kryptonite Monkey 8 votes
The Rolling Head of Pantha 18 votes
Buddhist Monk 6 votes
Lefty the Starfish 5 votes
Gail Simone 19 votes
"Railroad" Porter 3 votes
The Yazz 4 votes
Thought Slaves 8 votes
Fat Momma 5 votes
Rusty the Radium Dog 9 votes
The Superman Whipping Doll 11 votes
Black Lois Lane 18 votes
Wally the Walleye 5 votes
Nightgirl's Bouffante 6 votes
Mike Zagari 1 vote
Salvador Dali 9 votes
The Amorous Space Gorilla 9 votes
Chic Carter, Ace Reporter 3 votes
Willi Van Dort 12 votes

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I like how this blog has all these characters who were unnapreciated before becoming cult faves here... Really, you just HAVE to do the thought slaves.
Oh, I might do ALL of these; I just like people to have the chance to participate in the process by voting for their favorites.
Where's Dick Hunter, Elevator Operator?
Oh yeah, Dick Hunter. Jimmy Olsen is a disturbing child.
That link on the Porter one reminds me to ask, "Whatever happened to Haikusday"?
I put it on haiku hiatus, because
the comparatively difficulty of my having to find them myself began to outweight the participation levels by commenters. In fact, you're the first person who's mentioned it...
Would Salvador Dali appear in his real form or as that dude you found in Archie comics, "that sinister villain of surrealism"? It should be Archie version for that line alone. On lesser notes, would Dali's piece be a melted clock? Would he come with a burning giraffe sidekick? What powers would he possess?
I've been undecided about that; I'm leaning toward the Archieverse version.

I'm thinking he would able to use Perplex on any adjacent opponent (and probably get clobbered immediately after)
I want a Kryptonite Monkey... and a Beppo Click for him to fight.
Truth be told, Paul, I've already made the Kryptonite Monkey.

I mean, c'mon...


I can put it on my Evil Simians team...
Amorous Space Gorilla should have an actual pices, not just a pog. It's a gorilla. From space. Who has a way with the ladies. Now that I think of it, where's the DC Direct action figure?
"Amorous Space Gorilla should have an actual pices, not just a pog. It's a gorilla. From space."

You make a strong point, Bill. Perhaps that would be a better custom clix figure.
Y'know, I voted for the Gail Simone pog.

Now I'm not sure what it would do.
Heh, heh; I am...
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