Sunday, July 16, 2006

Roll Out The Pantha

There's a comic, what a comic
Only tragic faces drawn there

And there's always lots of room
For a worry or a gloom
There's OMACs, and there's punching

And a lot of sharp ka-runching
When they read the Crisis
They all come for the "Zing!"
Everytime you hear that blood-go-spurt

Everbody waits for corpses-in-the-dirt
They only want to come back for one thing
They crowd around and sing "Let's kill Ollie, hey!"
And you hear that skull thud on the floor
It's a big (HA HA HA HA) surprise you're waiting for
Then all at once everybody, everybody, forms a ring

For miles around, you'll hear them sing:

Roll Pantha's head out,
decapitation is fun;
Roll Pantha's head out,
we've got her skull on the run!
Tnkchhh! Zing! Izaya!

Join in a round of good jeer;
Now it's time to roll out Pantha,
'Cause her bod's not here!

Take it away boys!


Bully said...

Sure, you had to post this while my accordion is in the shop.

Anonymous said...

I think the Rolling Head of Pantha should be your next Heroclix figure, and have a wind up music box thingy installed on it that plays this song.

Ragnell said...

But they didn't kill Ollie :(

Scipio said...

There's always hope,Ragnell.

Anonymous said...

Robin is wasting his time trying to clone Superboy. We need an army of Panthas.

And each comic book should feature one getting decapitated. She could be the Kenny of the DCU.