Thursday, July 13, 2006

Things That Made Me Happy...

in this week's comics.

  • Adam's cape.
  • Lana Lang, Professional Plot Device.
  • The return of Sonar.
  • The return of Ibis. No, not Isis; IBIS.
  • How Clark got to keep his job.
  • How Lois reacted to how Clark got to keep his job.
  • Giant mob bosses.
  • Giant Manhunters.
  • Giant electrified popcorn. Giant electrified popcorn.
  • People beating the snot out of Hal Jordan.
  • Gehenna's shoes.
  • Lois saving Clark's butt.
  • Vixen discussing her equipment.
  • "Arcanobiologist"?
  • Aquaman's unorthodox facial.
  • The sexiness of Lois.
  • The noseyness of Jimmy.
  • The Detroit League's inability to simply jump in a nearby stream to escape the forest fire.


naladahc said...

And while I don't read many comics anymore I gotta say "Aquaman's unorthodox facial" may be something I need to actually open and look for.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Adam looked great in that black cape, huh? Makes me wonder why they just don't keep it on, he looks awesome in it.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes an Atlantian has to hydrate himself anyway he can, ya know.

Anonymous said...

Aquaman facial: I remember going "OMG! He could be a vampire!"

No, really, think about it. If he got amnesia and was lost inland? He'd be DRAWN instinctively to stuff that's 'nearly seawater'.


Anonymous said...

I liked Adam's cape, too. I assumed all the Marvels had one, and he just chose not to wear it. But if it's new, then... what, he sewed it himself?

I noticed Ibis, too. He looked a lot better -- and younger -- than he did when last seen in Zatanna. I'm guessing that's probably the son of the original Ibis and Taia.

Anonymous said...

"Ibis?" Callimachus' derogatory nicknmae for Apollonius Rhodius is making a comeback?

Steven said...

Not the Technology Squad?

Anonymous said...

How did "!" and "Giant Electrified popcorn. Giant electrified popcorn." not make the quote poll? Oh well.

Sharp looking banner, though.

Zaratustra said...

Am I the only one that cared about Mister Mind making himself a COCOON?

Fredrick said...

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