Wednesday, July 12, 2006

"You are found guilty of First Degree Snark..."

There are two things you need to learn from the panel below.

First, you should know that, like his cousin Supergirl, lives in the crushing clockwork universe where all is fated and there is no freedom of will. You see, Supergirl's spirit-shredding determinism eventually wears down even Superman's nigh-indefatiguable optimism. Conceptually, Superman Symbol of Hope loses to Supergirl Symbol of Hopelessness; it's inevitable.

snark is apparently against the law.

I am in SUCH trouble...


No, the danger is exposing your snark, be it a needle-missle or a lightning bolt.

(I feel ashamed of myself for resorting to such an obvious gag. But how could I resist it? I am weak. Forgive me, o blogosphere.)
"That fate can't be changed" seems like an awfully strange thing to forget, though. It's like forgetting the law of gravity...but then I guess Superman does that, too.
So,what does fate mean when you are a comic book character?
Who can tell what Fate means? It's so hard to understand him through that silly helmet.
Ah, The Absorbascon -- exploring the meta in metahumans . . .
This is making my head hurt, how is Superman's vision of a remorseless fate reconciled with a multiverse? Isn't it necessary that there is a reality where Johnathan goes off with Mr Snark?
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