Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Si, estoy tan saguaro!

I owe Superman an apology.

I am sorry, Supes; I done you wrong. I said, loudly and publically for all the internet to see, that Superman is a cloddish farmboy who can't dance (at least, not anything other than the Shufflefoot Dance).

But, in my own defense, I must explain that that was before I saw.... THIS:

How could I have been so ... so WRONG?!?!?!?


I apologize, Superman; no one can hollow out a weird-looking cactus, get inside and dance the mambo like you!

P.S. If you're thinking this is one of those "out of context" panels where, if you know the whole story, it all makes sense ... think again. Superman's dancing the Cactus Mambo as part of day-long scheme by Jimmy Olsen to convince some kids not to go uranium prospecting. Really.


Diamondrock said...

I've read that story! It's frickin' AWESOME! I didn't even know uranium came from mines until I read it. Apparently Australia has *2*!

Chris said...


I love you, comics.

Bully said...

See, this is the sort of event that not only shouldn't be ignored in modern day "continuity," it should be consistently and persistently referenced in Superman and Action, again and again and again...




Bully said...


Uranium hunts
Can be quite dangerous, kids.
(Dance, you cactus, dance!)

MarkAndrew said...

Laughed out loud twice. First at this panel...

And SECOND at this Comment.




So, Scipio, you got a chance to look through the "Superman: Daily Planet" book, yet?

All sorts of prime Lois and Jimmy goodness.


Jeremy Rizza said...

I love the panel in that story where you can see Supe's feet sticking out of the bottom of that cactus body. And no red kryptonite in sight!

Scipio said...

So, Scipio, you got a chance to look through the "Superman: Daily Planet" book, yet?

Oh, yes.

But, I mean ... exactly HOW do you make fun of "the Super-Cigars of Perry White"?

Bill D. said...

I don't think you can make fun of The Super Cigars of Perry White (except to maybe point out that it's probably the only pro-tobacco comic book ever made). I think you just kind of have to let it be.

Scipio said...

My feeling exactly, Bill; it's like making fun of Sammy Davis, Jr.

I mean, why bother?

Anonymous said...

A haiku to link yesterday with today:

Supe'man and Jimmy
taught Batman and Robin how
to cactus mambo

Holy homoerotica!

Julio Oliveira said...

I will only say this:
A t-shirt with a
design would be really cool.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Clark Kent exhibiting his "Super-Disco Fever" in SUPERMAN FAMILY #196.