Friday, March 24, 2006

Monkey Business

The Big Monkey interviews Frank Bettor of "Hatter M".

The Big Monkey salutes a creator unsung for his comic book feminism.

The Big Monkey kvetches about the lack of comic book coverage in local news.

The Big Monkey supplies you with Body Bags.

Big Monkey also provides you with Big Monkey Comics Radio, the on-line streaming audio station with nothing but comic book related music. There's more of it than you might think! In addition to having many fans stateside, BMCR is listened to in Greece, Ecuador, Germany, Australia, Norway, Spain, Korea, Israel, Brazil, Mexico, Sweden, Finland, Italy.

Even in Canada!


Anonymous said...

As if they had radios in Canada...

Anonymous said...

... or computers for that matter!

Anonymous said...

Big Monkey Comics Radio makes the prefect background music for playing City of Heroes. I've turned off the games normal background music and just turn on BMCR when I fight crime.

Anonymous said...

Where would be a good site to find a list of comic book related music...anybody know?