Sunday, March 19, 2006

Legionspeak 101

I've always admired the Legion so much! Especially their turns of phrase. Legionnaires have a way of speaking that I'm going to try to emulate in my personal life.

To that end, I've begun to memorize some phrases from Legion stories, in hope that I'll be able to work them into casual conversation. To wit...

Sunboy: "Outright mutiny! I'll have you all punished for this attempt! The robots will handle you!"

Perfect for Big Monkey staff meetings.

Starboy: "This world is completely uninhabited except for these giant insects!"

Well, I'll have to visit Baltimore some time.

Light Lass: "Please don the expansible costume in the next room."

Friday nights.

Triplicate Girl: "You're so cute and clever! May I kiss you? You're just my type, even if you are from 1964!"

Actually, I'm hoping someone will say that to me.

Saturn Girl: "You're rubbing noses with the creature, causing it to calm down and become ... friendly! Oh, how brilliant of you!"

I have always admired how Devon handles the customers at the store.

Chameleon Boy: "Well, I'll be a cock-eyed robot reject!"

A statement of nearly universal utility.

Light Lass: "Become weightless, you hussies ... and float away!"

All I know is, when I finally say it, it'll be one of my greatest moments.

Proty II: "Your assignment is to do something super!"

That'll keep the assistant manager busy!

Comet: "You, a super-pet? Why, you're just a blob!"

Well, the dog doesn't really know what I'm saying anyway... .

Saturn Girl: "Only scant rations to eat, no comforts... this is a depressing place!"

I can't imagine when I'd go there, but at least I'll be ready if I do.


Anonymous said...

God,I love the future and their wacky languages!

Anonymous said...

I don't have easy access to my legion issues right now, but in one of the Grell era issues one of the legionnaires says (If I remember correctly -- if not, I am sure some Absorbasconner will correct me) "Cool up, Dirk!" insted of "cool down" -- THOSE WACKY TEENAGERS!

Seriously, that phrase has been in my head ever since then.

Anonymous said...

somebody get Devon some aloe vera... for the burn.

Michael said...

Well, I'll be a three-eyed Kryptonian Babootch!

Jeremy Rizza said...

"My super-radiance! I can't turn it on!"

Thanks to Sun Boy, I now have the perfect reply when somebody asks me why I look so depressed.

Anonymous said...

Scipio, you can't be Hitler in personality!

Scipio said...