Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Routine Morning at Wayne Manor

God bless Evil Omar and the boys at "About Heroes" for bringing this panel to light.

Apparently this day begins "like any other", so this must be how Bruce & Dick wake up every morning. Hm; looks like Bruce fell asleep while still manacled to the bed. By the way, I'm assuming that Bruce's knee; I really hope that's Bruce's knee. If it isn't Bruce's knee, that would explain why he's put a cold shower on their agenda. Heh... "going down to the Bat-Cave" to "repair the Batmobile"; guess that's what the kids are calling it these days.

Anyway, Bruce is either so in need of a cold shower or still enervated from last night's rooftop romp with his ward that he's completely screwed up his haiku, with one too many syllables in his first line and one too few in his last. I'll edit it slightly for him, giving us:

That was a good sleep!
C'mon, Dick -- a cold shower,
and a big breakfast.

Don't you feel better now? I know I do.

What haiku occurs to you to celebrate the joy of waking up with your partner, like Bruce & Dick do?


Anonymous said...

Bruce makes it so hard,
For we who claim he's straight-
(And for his young ward?)

Anonymous said...

this makes me sad inside

Bully said...

They're not gay, oh no.
As straight as arrows. Not gay.
(Paging Doc Wertham!)

naladahc said...

Man. Get with the program.

That's soooooo a week ago.


Jeremy Rizza said...

Waking up next to
Dave from "Top Chef" is -- dang. I'm
still asleep, I guess.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing quite like
Waking up with your best chum
And some morning wood

Anonymous said...

You think this is bad?
Roy wakes up in a blonde wig,
smelling of chilli.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Pieface! Only
You can give Hal what he needs:
"A blow to the head."

Anonymous said...

Well good morning Dick!
Lend me a hand and we can
"De-ice" the "Bat-Plane"

Anonymous said...

Bruce has Dick. Ollie
has Speedy. But J'onn munches
cookies in the morn.

Mark said...

Like Bruce "Batman" Wayne,
I wake every morning
and reach out for Dick

Tom Foss said...

With sincerity,
Gay jokes about Bruce and Dick
Will never get old.

Bruce was very sad.
Dick had left him for Barbara
Looking for Batpoon

And, changing styles a bit...

There once was a hero named Batman
Who fought Joker, Bane, and the Cat-Man.
His youthful ward, Dick,
(Much more than sidekick)
Said "thank God he's not into scat, man"

Des said...

we have a winner!

Harvey Jerkwater said...

Fetch the bat-cuffs, chum
And treat me like the Penguin.
The safety word: pow.

To strike fear in hearts
Is not the only purpose
Of this leather cowl

The next panel showed
Bruce's hidden agenda.
Two words: "Dutch Oven."

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ, Batman!
The kid's only ten years old!
What is wrong with you?

S Bates said...

Is that a Batpole
In your pocket or are you
Just pleased to see me?

(Hmm, gives a whole new meaning to the old TV show bat-phrase: "Quick, Dick, to the Batpole!" ;-) )

SmileAndNod said...

You realize, don't you,
that those are twin beds, right? Just
like Rob and Laura!

Anonymous said...

Wayne Manor can be
cold at night. Just ask Alfred;
he's under the sheets.