Monday, March 27, 2006

And live!

Oh, Ollie, thou of little faith. No one ... but Hal Jordan.

Remember, Ollie; practice makes perfect. A punch from Superman is just the kind of thing that helps Hal wake up and clear his sinuses. Better'n coffee.


Anonymous said...

Marking your one-year anniversary with a Hal Hits His Head post. Perfect.

From one who's been here since before the beginning, congratulations. Thanks for churning out writing that never, ever reads like it's been churned out.

You've set a standard few writers, let along bloggers, manage to achieve -- consistently smart, funny and eloquent.

It is greatly appreciated.

Michael said...

Hal hits his head on
Superman's fist - Whhmmmmm! Ow ow!
Takes that punch and lives!

Anonymous said...

I haven't been here so long, but congrats on your year anyways...I love this blog :)

Ragnell said...

A full year, and he's crossed the line into Hal Jordan praise!

Well, almost.

Chance said...

As another one who's been here from the very beginning, may I say congrats on the year and well done indeed!

Anonymous said...

What story was that from?

Morris said...

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