Saturday, January 28, 2006

Quick, Speedy! The Plastic Cat Arrows!

Well, the Most Ridiculous Arrow Contest is over and the winner, surprising no one, is

the Plastic Cat Arrow.

You're all so smug. You all laugh Green Arrow's brilliant inventions and his amazing arrows for all occasions. Smirking cynics.

Make fun of the Plastic Cat Arrow all you want. But thank GOD Ollie has one, or he never would have survived THIS:

Remember, people, a Plastic Cat Arrow is like a tuxedo: you don't need one often, but when you do, there's no substitute.


zhsy00001 said...

innovation at it's finest. God bless that superhero.


Anonymous said...

Is there a reason why the dog looks green? Is he Beast Boy or what?

Ragnell said...

Maybe the policeman is Hal under mind control?

Marc Burkhardt said...

I still like the aqua-lung arrow. "sniff"

Anonymous said...

Do they sell plastic cat arrows? I would so buy one. Maybe they could make a Heroclix of one.