Thursday, January 26, 2006


For your delectation, I present the comic opera entitled "Ka-looota", in which two British insurance agents beat the snot out of Hal Jordan.

Ladies and gentlemen, Denny O'Neill and Neal Adams. Let's hear it for them, folks!


Adam said...

i'm assuming hal's being beat up by secret agents from rubber-world, the way he's bending that lightpole and tearing through the wall like it's paper or some such...

Anonymous said...

I assume the cound effect is an in-joke referring to Mike Kaluta.

I remember seeing a similar sound effect in DC Comics in the 70s; an alien ray-gun or something like that made the sound effect ROZAKISSS!! Can't remember where that was.

Sleestak said...

Yes, it was a Mike Kaluta joke. Odd when the story had the KAAA-LOOOTA sound as being an element of mind control.

The town and fixtures are all bendy because they are made of plastic.

Diamondrock said...

That is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.

Walaka said...

I remember this book. I remember loving the art, and getting the in-joke, and all that.

Wasn't this story a take-off on the movie The Monitors, which was written (and based on a book) by Keith Laumer, who was the source of inspiration for (and namesake of) comic book character Keif Llama by Matt Howarth?

Word verif: HYULK: if Bruce Banner was one of the Three Stooges

Ragnell said...

Is that a girl with a camera in the last panel?

Man, you know that ended up on the Internet.

And then someone popular found it and blogged about it.

And suddenly there are pictures of poor Hal getting injured on tons of weblogs.

How embarassing.

Axel M. Gruner said...

That's from Green Lantern #84
(1960 Series) - June-July 1971, "Peril in Plastic". A pretty prophetic story with a city made out of plastic. The sound actually was only one aspect of the mind-control device. The other one was augly looking piece of plastic called "the Kaluta" - "a combination toy, conversation piece and personal decoration". Quote: "it gives you a little tickle and puffs some wonderful perfume in your nose!"
Guess who gets it in the nose?
It's Hal again.