Friday, January 06, 2006

My Favorites This Week

There is so very much good to talk about in this week's comics! Fooey on those who are "bored" with comics! Go collect stamps, and see how much character development you find there.

But first, my favorites this week...

People I want to see in the GCPD
Liza Warner, a.k.a. Lady Cop. Kanigher; of course. How could I not have known?

Quote from Someone Else's Blog:
"I love comics and have no life. That would normally be a no brainer combo but with all the comics bloggers who do, I feel I have to point it out."

Thing I thought I wouldn't live to see
Detective Chimp chatting with Rex the friggin' Wonder Dog. Didio must be St. Peter, 'cuz he's let me into heaven.

Guest Star
The kid whom the Teen Titans rescue. I almost fell out of my chair. My head nearly exploded. I called Devon immediately, before even finishing the book. How could I not have known?

Inside Joke
Well, there were quite a few to choose from, but the winner is a couple of cayoots joking about having Jonah Hex stuffed after they kill him. Oh, the comic book irony.

Aquaman is marvelously soul-crushing. Wonderful use of flashbacks. And in that last panel, Aquaman does something he's needed to do for a long time... .

Sleeper Issue
I wasn't going to pick up the Infinite Crisis Special:Day of Vengeance. I figured it would just be some rehash of DOV. Oh my. I was wrong, apparently! The death of somebody really really important, the Ghost Patrol, the aforementioned Rex, Freedom Beast's pet peeves, the Janissary (I loved her), the final fate of Billy Batson and the Spectre, a cameo by Amethyst Princess of Gemworld, promise of relief from the tedium of the current Hawk and Dove, Dr. Occult throwing a high school hissy fit, and further insight into why Blue Devil wears leather pants and a white tanktop and says "eeek".


Anonymous said...

Yay I got the faveriot quote!

And wait until tommorow I'll give you a villain perfect for Aquaman!

Anonymous said...

I was amazed with how much fun I had with the Day of Vengeance special.

And this may be obvious to everyone already, but...

--*-- spoiler space --*--

...does it seem likely like Nightshade is needed, as a member of "Earth Charlton," to help power Duplicate Lex's Anti-Monitor-machine?

R Greene said...

Okay, I'm going to need some help with some of the Teen Titans dead folks--who was the Slade look-alike And the girl with the rainbow wings?

JSA also thrilled this week.

Scipio said...


Yes, it's clear that the Antimonitor needs at least one person who is unique to each of the DC Universes.

The REAL question is ...

is that why the Zoo Crew has returned?

Scipio said...


The rainbow-winged girl is Kole, a crystal-spinning characters created specifically so she be could "tragically killed" in the Crisis on Infinite Earths (because that's the way Marv Wolfman does things). Yes, we have to have a Crisis because we have a vast universe brimming over with too many characters -- instead of getting rid of any of them, though, let's invent a NEW character to be killed in the Crisis.

The guy? No idea; probably some relative of Slade's. You know ... "Deathbooty".


He's MUST be the never identified Death's Head Cowboy Boot Killer from Kanigher's "Liza Warner: Lady Cop" series !!!!!!!!!!!

Another mystery solved!

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen it, but could it be The Ravager (1)?

Anonymous said...

Also, I like the current Hawk and Dove. I don't know why, but I do. I like reddish-haired girls with the faked-up London accents.
If that makes me shallow, I'm shallow.
But I was still a bit weirded out by the bit where they transformed in the fight with Dr. Light, and they looked like they weren't trying to crash into each other.

Devon Sanders said...

Lady Cop WILL joining Dr. Jenet Klyburn as my causes celebre.

Scipio said...

"Lady Cop, Lady Cop, Lady Cop..."

Let the drumbeat sound across the blogosphere, until DC is FORCE to produce a "because you demanded it" issue!

David C said...

I, too, demand more Liza Warner!

I find it interesting that she was never shown with a gun. She seems to be a "full" police officer, but I think that was a real transition period - she probably would've been one of the very first on her force.

Maybe DC was worried that showing her armed would rile up people who didn't want armed chicks patrolling the streets back then?