Wednesday, January 11, 2006

De-Luking Week

This week, I've been told is "De-Lurking Week", the week when all you who visit but not comment are asked to, please, come out.

We at the Absorbascon like it when people come out. 900 people visited here today; do I see 900 comments? Ahem!!! So we want to participate in De-Lurking Week. Here's how we're going to make it EASY!

No need to feel guilted into posting the standard "Hi, I enjoy your blog but I never having anything to add so I just wanted to say hi and keep up the good work"!

This post has links to MANY of the posts here over the last year, many of them chosen because I was disappointed by the lack of response the first time! YOU who are about to de-lurk can FIX that!

Post a comment on ANY of those past posts. I will see them. I will know. Santa Claus and Brother Eye work for ME, baby. And I will appreciate ALL your (well-intentioned and good-spirited) comments

hey, i didn't see any comment from you at my blog!

(either you or one of your visitors)


in any event, please, come again.

btw, 900 is pretty good! what's your secret?
Touche! I shall change that!

My secret? I email my URL to prison libraries....
Hey wait ... I never HAVE been to your blog...
now you know why I don't comment
But i don't like Heroclixs!
prison libraries? hmmm.

so, it wasn't you, then it must have been one of your visitors.

I could never figure out how people get to my blog from other blogs that are not linked to mine.

do you know?
NO, I don't know. Drives me nuts!
Beware- you fools!

You know, I'd appreciate a bit of the bloglove myself. Hell, I wrote a hugeass post about the first Max Fleischer Superman cartoon. You'd think that would get a few comments.
I think that it's that "next blog" button that blogger puts at the top of every blogspot blog that's to blame for these mystery referrals.

Now, exactly who it is who surfs that way I don't know...
My understanding is that every Blogger blog is, on occasion, the "Next Blog" that little link on the upper-right-hand-corner directs to. So you'll get links from sites that don't link to you from time to time.

I'm Jon, by the way. But I've posted here before.
I'll never post!!! (oops just did) I've posted bfore too.
this is great! so, I've stumbled upon a group of cartoonists/ comic strip enthusiasts because someone stumbled upon my blog? isn't the internet amazing?

I just posted a really great cartoon the other day. what do you all think of that?
I went and commented on your Amethyst post! Coming out is so liberating! Although I have actually commented here before...
Great piece on Central/Keystone! That never actually occurred to me before (my earliest comic books were FLASH ones).

There. I've come OUT!

Feels good.
I don't comment as regularly as some, but I try to do my part. I write haiku on occasion.

And I'll just say that this blog has changed the way I use the internet. I used to spend all my time reading about political issues. Now I just read about Hal Jordan hitting his head on things.

My stress level has gone way down. Thanks!
"I used to spend all my time reading about political issues. Now I just read about Hal Jordan hitting his head on things."

You've just described the evolution of my career...
There are so many good posts here, I just get obsessed and forget to go to other blogs that talk about stressful things. And you never, ever catblog. Y'all don't know how much I appreciate the total absence of catblogging. Anyhow, my blood pressure thanks you.

You mean people talking incessantly about their pets?

Or is this a blogger-ism that only those "in the know," um, know about?
"you never, ever catblog."

OH, I HEAR you on that one, chief...
come to think of it, you never seem to comment on my blog. I've been chosen as feature haiku TWICE in the past month and no visits?

Scipio! C'mon...I mean...C'mon!
Between your site, Dave's Long Box, and the piles of comics in my basement, I'm becoming a wannabe blogger. Yeah, quit school! Post from work! The baby can feed his damn self...ok, too far.
Been hitting your site pretty regularly for a while now, although I'm still stung by your criticism of the Nightcrawler heroclix, way back whenever. You're just jealous the X-Men got him instead of the Legion...
I'm not lurking; I'm malingering.
hey, scipio.

i have posted here in the past, but usually just read without comment. i kinda feel like the internet is full of people who love to hear the sound of their own voice. so my preference is to try and keep a low profile if possible.

i love this site, dave campbell, mike sterling and i consider kevin church a good buddy of mine (we live in the same neck of the woods.)

please keep up the good work, and take care.
I'd post more, but I spend all of my time looking through my old comics for haiku.

Plus you don't talk about the Martian Manhunter enough. 'Specially since he'll be MIA once Brad Meltzer takes over JLA. I'll miss him almost as much as OPI'll miss Arthur.
I'm not a true lurker in that I've posted a few times in my daily visits to the site...once about something... maybe a haiku... yes, a haiku about how gay Koryak is. Was. Now he's dead. Which reminds me that YOU, Scipio, are the one who got me started reading Aquaman (well you and Devon, who, when talking about Black Manta used the classic phrase, "Pulling out your d*** in public makes sense to the crazy," or something like that...) and so I could appreciate the gravity of issue #38 and make me wonder, "What is this home that he and Lorena are going to?" Well, that and that I grew up in San Diego and am always happy to see it in mentioned in print. Except when it's broke and represented by bribe-taking politicians. Time for another beer.
Heroclix made my father cry once.
"Plus you don't talk about the Martian Manhunter enough."


"I grew up in San Diego"

East of the zoo (airbreathing) or west of the zoo (waterbreathing)?

" Heroclix made my father cry once."
It a good way, I hope...
OK delurking. I was a voracious comic book reader twenty years ago but not so much now. Found your blog just using the "Next Blog" feature and it has been a staple of my daily reading for the last six months, along with Dave's Long Box. You guys make me laugh.
Gotta agree with roel here. I have been really impressed with your blog for several months now, from the insightful graduate-level mythological analyses and Dynastic Centerpieces (of which I want more), all the way to the rampant Vibe adoration and the Hal-head-bashing (of which I also want more -- especially that one story with Star Sapphire where she almost kills him like nine times over the course and he clocks himself at least three seperate times and yet she never figures out who he is...oh, wait, I guess that's nearly all of them). But other people post earlier and I hate doing me-toos. Also it always feels like barging into someone else's conversation if you're not among the people who have been posting regularly for a while. That's clearly just my hangup, though.
Anyway, I enjoy the blog immensely, you update frequently **cough cough seven hells long box cough hack cough**, and I'll keep lurking. Thanks for the opportunity to delurk briefly, though.
Wait--I just found this blog and I'm loving it. But can someone point me to the Hal-Jordan-Hits-Head-On-Stuff post? I'm about to bubble over in anticipation.
I think I have commented before in one of your earlier posts...possibly. If not, um, then I am now. I think.

Plus I get twitchy trying to think up a good haiku, so I usually refrain from that.
Posting is for fools!
Lurking is where the future
lies. Or maybe not.
Your blog is awesome
Chock full of comic goodness
I lurk everyday.
I admit it: I'm here.

John F.
This is Pop!
Well... I'm not a lurker here... but I just want to reiterate... in my best Christina Crawford typing impression (if such a thing exists)...

"I am one of your fans!!!
The Thing--
You got it. Catblogging is inflicting on innocent people entries that begin with sentences such as, "OMG! You all will not believe the adorable thing that Mr. Tinkles McCutey, PhD did today! It was so cute! (In fact, he has a PhD in being cuddly! LOL!) It's so lucky that I had my camera nearby. Here are the pics!" Followed by the ultimate horror-- 50 pictures of the cat, the blogger's sole output for the day. The urge to catblog often overtakes all kinds of bloggers-- even the normally balanced, erudite types.
"oh, wait, I guess that's nearly all of them"

"Also it always feels like barging into someone else's conversation if you're not among the people who have been posting regularly for a while."

I understand. I think the idea behing De-lurking Week is that commenting is like sex: once you get over the initial taboo, you start to enjoy doing it every day, without worrying about whether you're doing it right.
commenting is like sex: once you get over the initial taboo, you start to enjoy doing it every day, without worrying about whether you're doing it right

Every day!?! Yeah, right.


Anyway, I have posted before but only once or twice. Wonderful blog. Makes me laugh. And introduced me to the wonderful world of haikus. Or is it haiki?


Keep up the good work!
Hey just saying "hi". Don't want to come out of my lurking "closet" too quickly
I'm sorry for not commenting enough (or ever!).
I read your blog every day, and enjoy the mix
of goofyness and suspisciously educational stuff.

Ignacio Alcuri
from Montevideo, Uruguay
Good to hear from you ALL!

Nacho, I am dying to know...

how did YOU feel when Grant Morrison had Vandal Savage destroy Montevideo? Did you know that that had happened?
Dr Sordid says "Hello". I'd comment more often on your splendid blog, but that would involve thinking of something clever to say, and I have enough trouble thinking of clever talk for my own blog..!
Generally, I only comment when I have something to say...


Hey! How ya' doin'?


I can honestly say that this is the greatest comics blog ever made by someone with the name of Scipio. :)

Keep up the good work!

okay. I admit it. I've never posted here even though this is the first stop, Mon-Fri, on my lunch-break.

So I'll say it now. Great site, Scipio. Informative and Thoughtful.

delurked? check.


I really like your art. It speaks to me of the loneliness and isolation of man in the mechanical age.

I hope it supposed to...!
I came for the Vibe Love, I stayed for the haiku. But I never comment. You're too popular, and I feel that my comments will get lost in the onrush of praise you rightfully receive. So I just read. Please forgive me.
Hmm, well I'm not a lurker but I guess I should reestablish my presence. Hello. Oddly enough, I had a dream that I was a member of the Challengers of the Unknown the other night...I guess that's what I get for reading New Frontier before bed. I don't really like them.
I've commented before, and now I'm commenting again. I originally got here via Dial B for Blog. (IIRC) Love your work!
I bought the DC One Million crossover the minute I heard we were obliterated!
It's this small town thing, you hear the name of your city or your country and you feel important. I even thought that the charred corpse that Martian Manhunter was holding was me. Yeah, I'm weird. That's why I enjoy your blog.
"I even thought that the charred corpse that Martian Manhunter was holding was me"

Ah, those 15 minutes of fame!

Montevideo's not exactly a SMALL town, Nacho; 1.4 million!!!
I've spoken up a few times before, but have been shamed out of it lately by commenters with more interesting things to say than me. So here I am making my presence known. And I think I'll go back in time to comment on things previous, too...
Yeah, I commented a few times, but I guess I got lazy. Will try to post more in the feature. Scipio, your blog is something like the manifestations of god on the old testament... you can't look at it too much or you will go blind.

Also, I would totally buy Sword of Opal City.
I'm a regular reader and consistently astounded by the work you put into this blog.

I like the "comic book sententiae" with the heroic haikus.

But in all this DC love, where, where is the Doom Patrol? Garguax,for instance, is a villain you might get a kick out of. I'm kind of suprised in your long list of entries there's nothing for the Silver Age Brotherhood of Evil, either. Monsieur Mallah is crying out for attention.
Great blog guy.
Actually the "small town" mind is because of our country, Uruguay, a small piece of land between Argentina and Brazil. You'd never imagine the talk when the movie "Submerged" with Steven Seagle came here. Crappy as it is, the action features Montevideo with a bazillion errors (mayan architecture? in South America?). All the media published stuff about this, and even de Ministry of Culture send letters to Hollywood cos' of the poor representation of our country.

I saw it recently. The representation was not THAT bad. But the script was.
lurking around on your site for a while now i unknowingly bumped headfirst into the de-lurking week like a certain green lantern into a gigantic yellow sign. so here is my coming out (as a reader and fan of your work).

keep it up! :)

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