Monday, January 23, 2006

Could Mr. Terrific Dance?

Could Mr. Terrific dance?
It goes without saying.


naladahc said...

But what song is he dancing to? That is the question.

Jason said...

"Could Mr. Terrific Dance?"

That's like asking if the sky is blue!

Scipio said...

My theory is that Mr. Terrific does the same dance to every song.

But the dance is so terrific, no one cares.

Axel M. Gruner said...

Looks like Techno to me.

Devon Sanders said...

I saw him doing "The Electric Slide" once at my family reunion. He was terrific.

Michael Holt, oddly enough, decided not to participate.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Terry Sloane had mastered all arts and sciences! Of course he could dance!

Scipio said...

Terry Sloane INVENTED the Electric Slide.

Then donated the proceeds of its syndication to the Maunter Project.

THAT's how cool Terry Sloane was.

kristian said...

doesn't that kind of look like the safety dance?

Anonymous said...

Mister Terrific
When he dances, he becomes
Mister Fabulous

Scipio said...

Terry Sloan INVENTED the Safety Dance.

Then donated the proceeds to Planned Parenthood.

THAT's the kind of person Terry Sloane was.

Harvey Jerkwater said...

Red tights, rolled-down yellow socks, little green booties...

Damn, he was stylin', wasn't he?

Do you think that perhaps Tupac Shakur's stomach tattoo that read "THUG LIFE" was a tribute to Terry Sloane's stomach-motto of "FAIR PLAY?"

Well, it should have been. Consarn it.

Anonymous said...

I think he's dancing to either DEVO's "It's a Wonderful World"


The Ramones' "We're a Happy Family"

Anonymous said...

He's Mr. Terrific.

Not being able to dance would be like superman not being super.

Anonymous said...

Totaltoyz has it right! The man is the master of all arts and sciences (as well as being one of my two favorite golden age characters (Dr. Mid-Nite is the other one if you must know)).

He probably performs THE NUTCRACKER single-handedly at the JSA "HOLIDAY" party

(because Terry Sloane is too sensitive to call it a Christmas party.)