Sunday, July 18, 2021

DCU History: Was there a Stonewall Riot in the DCU?

 Yes; yes, there was a Stonewall Riot in the DCU.

However, as usual in the DCU, it manifested itself differently.

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John C said...

I was trying to imagine the scale and brutality of the police raid that prompted this response, but given the economics of Times Square in the 1930s--that is Speed Saunders musing about the wonders of library cards, yes?--that might well be the police raid that prompted the riots.

I'd say that I want a book on what DC history actually looked like, because the idea of the Earth-2 Gilbert Baker watching the destruction as a child and later commemorating the lives lost is appealing. But since writers have usually only had "find excuses not to change history" and "the full Watchmen" modes, not to mention a spotty (at best) record on representation, maybe it's for the best that we're left to imagine it...