Friday, March 30, 2007

Things That Made Me Happy...

in this week's comics.

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Teasy Scip:
"DC's Heracles versus Marvel's Hercules versus the original Herakles. Groovy Chick Month. The Parade of Temporal Villains. The Big Three as Parental Figures. One-Hit Wonders Who Deserve a Second Shot, and Why."
Are we never to know of these wonders? Especially that parade? I love a parade, and I know Wonder Woman does too!
Heh. Temporal villains take time.

All in due time!
I think this may have been Grant Morrison's best installment of BATMAN yet.
I guess Wonder Woman *is* supposed to be taking place in the Washington area now? Was the amusement park what Wild World became on Earth-DC, or was it Gangs Dominion?
I've gotta say Scip, I really look forward to your "Things that made me happy" bits every week..keep up the great work!
Here's one for me: Jimmy Olson dragging Superman's bruised and bloodied self to get help from Clark Kent. (Superman Confidential)

Also... Lois referring to Olson and Kents as "the Wonder Twins".
Really? They always make me feel guilty, because they're such "lazy posts"... .

I'm glad to know that they are useful and enjoyable to some readers!
They're some of my favorites, too, Scip. They fizz.
Fizz? You kids today, with the fizzing and the 23 skidooing, and your hep lingo!
I second that. Best moments, best quotes are weekly features I really dig.

I'll also second the opinions about Clark Kent's apartment at the end of Superman Confidential #4 and the Morrisonisms in 52.

PS Whatever happened to *your* short story about that Bur-- single panel?

PPS Might I suggest posts about your weekly picks and even your monthly suggestions from Previews? I do enjoy most of the books you suggest and since you own comic book shops and all that...

That's the post below with Vixen versus Dr. Christopher Walken! The "Bur" panel follows the first panel of that post, where Dr. W is blasting Vixen, saying "BURN!" right before not-so-unconscious Superman grabs him by the ankle.
I bet there used to be a LOT of confused naked women in planes back in Hal Jordan's heyday. You could get Rohypnol cheap then, after all -- probably straight from the airbase PX.

"Yeah, big weekend 'comin up, better give me a whole bottle!"
"Things that made me happy" makes me happy~!

I don't get to read anywhere near as many comics as I would like due to financial reasons (currently down to JLA and X-MEN), so it's nice to get a brief spoiler-without-being-too-spoilery for the rest of the DC stuff that's out!

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