Thursday, September 21, 2006

DC Heroclix: Origins!

Hooray! The new DC Heroclix set has been announced!

I actually know more about this set than I am supposed to, but I'll confine my remarks to what's officially known.

Wizkids (the maker of Heroclix) has stated in no uncertain terms that the set will contain the first Heroclix figure of Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern.

Finally, a figure for Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark)! Her absence has been keenly felt by those trying to make teams of the Wonder Woman dynasty and the Teen Titans (the good ones, I mean; not the Wolfman titans).

Golden Age versions of Batman and Superman! We all know how they will look (roughly); but how will they play?

I'm picturing a Superman with no Flight, but Leap/Climb. No range, I imagine; originally Superman had no heat vision, which is the basis for his having a ranged attack. No Hypersonic Speed, but Charge instead.

Batman's a little harder to guess. No Outwit, I bet; maybe Perplex instead to represent the "What the heck is THAT?" reaction to an unknown guy dressed up in a batsuit.

A new Supergirl clix; that's good. The first Supergirl heroclix was interesting because it was one of the first DC figures with the tactically powerfully "Running Shot" ability. But her defense is crappy; after the first hit she's a sitting duck.

A new Hawkman is a cause for much rejoicing (when Devon heard, he wept, then bit the head off a live chicken and sacrificed it to Horus; I don't care, as long as he mops up the store afterwards). The first Hawkman clix was in the original DC Set (called "Hypertime"); his dial became outdated rather quickly. For Hawkman fans, it's been sad and ironic to have him be "the sissy" on any team. I want the new Hawkman to have lots of Regeneration on his dial to represent the healing properties of Nth metal; that way, you either knock him out right away or he'll just keep healing up and coming back at you ... as Hawkman should. I also hope they give him some range fighting, to represent using a sling or spear.

The new Blue Beetle is getting a clix; well, at least it will look shiny and interesting.

The Question! That's exciting news for many. Smoke cloud, perplex, combat reflexes, stealth; oh yes. I hope they use translucent plastic to create a smoke cloud effect around him; I can't wait to pair him with Dr. Midnite or the Huntress.

The set will feature old Golden Age characters (or versions of characters) and some of characters from 52.

Who do you think we'll be seeing from 52? Lobo? Skeets? Supernova? Batwoman? Isis? Vibe? Egg Fu?

Who would you want?

P.S. Yes, I know Vibe isn't in 52. Yet.

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This is awesome! Will these be out by October? Perhaps they'll be at your store when I come up...
They need a Daniel Carter clix with the rare "Duped" ability.
Hey! This means I won't have to have a custom Question made.

I'd say that that would save me the 20 bucks, but who am I kidding? This just means I'll use the money to have Totaltoyz make my City of Heroes character.

(How would one go about that, by the way?)
Any new Legionnaires going to be in the set?
Don't let anybody know I told you, but Supernova's really you-know-who, meng.
Ariel: Release date is February.
Jon: Rare?! Why, Devon uses it every Monday night...
Derek: Go to the Big Monkey site; click on "Buy"; got to our Ebay store; select Customer Heroclix.
Michael: Oh, there are always new Legionnaires. I'm amazed by the ones in this one!
Brandon: Don't know that till we see him dance.
Hopefully Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters will be in this set. And Starman.

And of course, Dr. Domino.
Amen to that, K26. The Freedom Fighters would make for great clix and a great clix team.
Okay, I'll take the 52 bit and guess: - Steel, Batwoman, Animal Man and the Fabulous Ten or whatever the Chinese Super Soldiers were called.

I don't play heroclix so I don't know who already exists.

I would like to see the Lex Luthor Team in their Green and Purple splendor.
This just means I'll use the money to have Totaltoyz make my City of Heroes character.
(How would one go about that, by the way?)

Email me and we'll talk! totaltoyzATyahooDOTcom
Scip, even though you hate them, you have to give me a hint. Any other Fourth Worlders? I needs me some Mr. Miracle!
You realize that I have absolutely NO idea what you are talking about, but I am happy for you anyway. Just play nice. It's always fun until somebody puts their eye out!
Tate, there has been at least one or two new Fourth Worlders in each DC set. I'm sure this set is no different.

Likewise for Legion, Titans, JSA, et al.
"It's always fun until somebody puts their eye out!"

That's why I never play Ravager.
I think the actual quote is: "It's only funny until someone puts an eye out. Then, it's hilarious."

"then it's still fun, but without depth perception."
I am praying for a special oversize 'clix. Who?

The Emerald Head of Ekron of course, complete with a detachable, playable right eye with it's own stand.
Yeah, "The Emerald Head of Ekron" was one of the purest shards of genius I've ever seen.

The of-coursedeness of it was worth waiting 40 years for.
Hmmm, perhaps I'll head to DC on 11/18 for the "Supernova" event at the Monkey...
I have to wonder about the Golden-Age characters in this set. As much as it's gonna cut into my custom Clix business, I'm glad to see the originators finally gettin' some love from WizKids!
I suspect that they won't be doing Clix of those original JSA members whose present-day counterparts are very similar to them in costume and abilities, like Hourman or the two Doctors. The Golden-Age Starman is a possibility, as are Johnny Thunder, the Atom, and Sandman.
And will there be any Golden-Age villains to fight these iconic heroes? Some classic ISW members like the Wizard, Brain Wave, or Icicle?
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