Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Things That Made Me Happy...

in this week's comics

  • Evil Skeets. I've always loved Skeets and this behavior seems fantastically out of character for him, but DANG it is good comics. I guess that perspective is why I can't be a Cassie Cain fan... .
  • The Eye. With Lobo.
  • Animal Man and Adam Strange naked together in the same panel.
  • Starfire wearing clothes.
  • Firestorm is becoming a Centerpiece of his own little Dynasty, isn't he?
  • Superboy. Naked. In a box.
  • The Guardians' mystery within mysteries within 52.
  • Talking space porpoises.
  • Geoff Johns explaining away Arisia's death in one word balloon.
  • Supernova being polite, but not warm.


Nick said...

I gotta know how they explain Arisia. I can't wait another 2 months to find out.

Anonymous said...

A light week for me, but a good one.

My enjoyment of 52 has skyrocketed these last few isues, given that stuff is actually, you know, happening. It's a fun ride, I tellyuhwhut. (I am jonesing for more Morrow/Magnus goodness, though--if they ever published a Morrison-penned Romps In Mad Science!, I'd be all over it.)

And Bolland doing more Animal Man was just the rich, creamy icing.

Anonymous said...

Nick - basically, they pulled a Superman. Said that her race has the ability to heal themselves by going into a hibernative state when they are near death. The Manhunters dug her up and... well, she's alive and well and on Oa now.

In short, she was only mostly dead!

Zaratustra said...

I, for one, am waiting for the Skeets limited monthly series where he systematically kills every hero in the DC universe.

Scipio said...

Skeets and Punisher; Together At Last!

Jamie Ott said...

Me, I'm waiting for the Skeets Fred Hembeck mini-series.


Steven said...

"Prime Duty"

Anonymous said...

Skeet's isn't evil. he just, uh.. panicked!

..and he brought the flamethrower along JUST IN CASE

I'm loving 52.

Anonymous said...

I was impressed by how Johns essentially wrote around/wrote out the (only pre-Crisis, apparently) disturbing aspect of Hal and Arisia's relationship as well. Or had that already been done before now?

Scipio said...

Hal's misunderstanding of Arisia's age is from a previous writer.

Johns, however, upped the ante by making Arisia not just "of age" but quite older than Hal.