Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Los Gatos de la Zona Fantasma

Cats Are Evil Week 2

Now that the Krypto figure is a familiar site at many a Heroclix game, it's only natural that he face the ultimate evil...

The Phantom Zone Cats

You can use them as is, but there's really no point in using them without employing the Special Phantom Zone Cats Rules:

  1. Phantom Zone Cats' moves do not count toward your allotted number of moves per turn.
  2. Phantom Zone Cats have "Phasing".
  3. Phantom Zone Cats have "Enhancement" toward Superman Enemies, but receive an action token when they use it.
  4. Phantom Zone Cats cannot be directly attacked, except by Krypto, or by Pulse Wave , or by Psychic Blast.
  5. Phantom Zone Cats can be Incapacitated.
  6. Phantom Zone Cats do not block line of sight.

Have Phantom Zone Cats float eerily beside your Superman Enemies, advising them so as to improve the effects of their attacks. Use Krypto to chase them away, Superman Blue or Red to disrupt their phantasmic forms, or super-friends like Zatanna and Black Canary to "Incapacitate" them back to the Zone.

For full enjoyment of the Phantom Zone Cats in gameplay, have Theremin music playing in the background and whisper in Spanish every time they do something in the game.


Brandon Bragg said...

Please tell me you've got plans for a Teekl pog.

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